Amber Heard to be fired from Aquaman 2 and other Hollywood movies


The tables have turned and now Amber Heard is finding that her career as a A-list Hollywood actress might be over. She has reportedly been kicked from Aquaman 2.

When Amber Heard alleged that she was a victim of abuse at the hands of her ex-husband actor Johnny Depp his career took a dive. Regardless of the lack of evidence, the media chose to believe Heard and the biggest film studios followed suit. This lead to Johnny Depp losing some of his biggest roles.

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The allegations first surfaced in 2016, when the #MeToo and #BelieveAllWomen movements were fresh on the minds of the Hollywood press and film producers. So, when Amber Heard came forth with a black eye and accused her, then, husband Johnny Depp of physically abusing her the Hollywood press and film industry took her side without questioning it.

However, ever since his divorce, Johnny Depp has been tirelessly fighting legal battles of slander and defamation against his ex-wife Amber Heard and British tabloid The Sun.

Johnny Depp agreed to a deal with The Daily Mail UK to release a plethora of career ending audio tapes of Amber Heard not only admitting to striking him but also taunting and mocking him.

Amber Heard no make-up

Dark times for Amber heard as she’s fired from Aquaman 2 and other Hollywood movies.

Since the audio tapes were released Heard has found herself as the topic of many online petitions. One petition was to replace her as Mera in Warner Bros. and DC comics Aquaman and the other to remove her as the spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris.

After Amber Heard’s appeal to stop Johnny Depp’s USD$52 million defamation case against her was rejected the dominoes have been falling; the 33-year-old actress’s career seems to becoming to a screeching halt.

Reports are flowing in from Hollywood alleging that Amber Heard has been removed from the upcoming Aquaman sequel and subsequently expelled from any future Warner Brothers production indefinitely.

Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard is more than her net worth, may need to head to OnlyFans.

To add insult to injury Hollywood sources are claiming that the actress has had a difficult time securing roles with a defamation lawsuit hanging over her head, and now that the courts have rejected her appeal, she, herself, is also being flat out rejected.

L’Oreal Paris have been under a lot of pressure to remove Heard from her role as spokesperson after evidence that she was the abuser in her last marriage but they are yet to comment.

Amber Heard has no confirmed films after Aquaman 2 and may need to create an OnlyFans account to pay back Johnny Depp if he wins his defamation case against her since she’s reportedly only worth USD$9 million.

We’re still waiting on an official confirmation that Amber Heard has been fired from Aquaman 2, but all signs indicate the decision to remove her has been made. Seeing as the lawsuit against Amber Heard was not thrown out suggests that Johnny Depp has a very strong case against her and thus studios are backing off until the final verdict is reached.

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