Disney reportedly killing Star Wars originals to snub Lucas


Disney are reportedly spitefully killing off original Star Wars characters in virtue of George Lucas financial ties to them.

Maybe you have noticed that the original Star Wars characters have been dropping faster than blondes in a teen slasher flick. Well, according to a YouTuber Doomcock, this is because Disney are trying to severe all ties with former IP owner, George Lucas.

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In his video, Doomcock alleges, “Disney did not purchase the rights to Star Wars outright lock, stock, and barrel. George Lucas still retains some kind of financial attachment to the original characters. That is why they are being systematically destroyed, discarded, bent, folded, spindled, and mutilated in order to promote the Disney original sequel characters over the George Lucas characters which are somehow encumbered.”

The new trilogy hasn’t exactly been carrying the proverbial torch proudly for the film series and, according to fans, this is because of the way Luke Skywalker was written and portrayed in The Last Jedi. Despite being the most powerful Jedi, he was bested by some random orphan with no Jedi or combat training. Perhaps this was Disney’s way of taking a metaphorical dump on George Lucas’s intellectual property.

Doomrock then shares his opinion on what is happening at Disney. “It is a rumour that potentially explains so very, very much about Disney’s otherwise inexplicable behaviour and treatment of the Star Wars franchise. This is why Disney has been trying to kill off the original characters in the sequel trilogy and why the original characters were excluded from Galaxy’s Edge. It’s because George Lucas still has a stake in those characters.”

The removal of original Star Wars characters from the new Disney exhibit has caused them some financial strife. Bounding Into Comics reported that Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attendance has been abysmal and staff hours have been cut.

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Doomcock claims his sources said that Lucas gets a 25% royalty on any elements of the original trilogy that Disney uses. That is why Disney is trying to kill off the original trilogy.

This rumour has been corroborated by Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic. “I know why they could not use the originals as its base for the sequel trilogy. They didn’t buy them. Lucas still owns the originals and they license from him.”

Are the new characters doing the saga justice? Is Disney justified in killing off Star Wars original characters to save 25%? Whats is your take?

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