Disney-Sony fallout means we’re getting a Spider-Man vs Venom movie


A lot of people are really upset about the Disney-Sony fallout. But let’s look at the bright side, we are definitely getting a Spider-Man vs Venom movie with Tom Holland.

Last week it was announced that Disney had officially walked away from the deal that temporarily granted them the rights for Spider-Man. It was a win-win scenario for most everyone, except Sony. Fans got to see their favourite superhero fight with the Avengers. Disney didn’t have to pay for the production, yet still got to use the character and earned a 5% cut of the box office earnings and all merchandise earnings (this includes home media sales). But, unfortunately, Disney wanted more.

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The original deal was supposed to be a fair 70/30 split but Disney didn’t accept that. They pushed for more and with 100% of merchandise sales, that’s exactly what they got. After the record breaking success of Avengers: Endgame, Disney thought they had more bargaining power. In a closed-doors meeting Disney allegedly demanded a 50/50 cut, a deal Sony just couldn’t honour if they wanted to remain in the green. We first believed that this might have been the reason for the walk out, but an insider told us the Disney-Sony fallout mostly happened when Sony was trying to negotiate the inclusion of Venom.

“Disney/Marvel wanted nothing to do with Sony’s Venom character, they had their own plans.” The insider told us. Unfortunately, this put Sony in a very painful situation; their Venom movie would become redundant. Sony reportedly made Venom as a pilot of sorts to try and sway Disney into including it in the MCU. But Disney won’t compromise on creative control, they want to be in charge on that, hence the Disney-Sony fallout.

Tom Holland will return as Spider-Man

It’s been confirmed, Tom Holland will continue to play Spider-Man. Over the weekend at Keystone Comic-Con in Philadelphia, Holland himself confirmed that he will continue to play Spider-Man for the foreseeable future with or without Tom Feige.

Spider-Man vs Venom movie is happening

Although it is sad to see Spidey leave the MCU this does mean we are definitely getting a Spider-Man vs Venom movie. To be precise, we will be seeing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man face up against Tom Hardy’s Venom. So, perhaps the Sony-Disney fallout was the a greater cause.

Sony’s Venom may have got slammed by critics, it scored an abysmal 29/100 on Rotten Tomatoes, but fans apparently love it. It’s getting top scores from the audience; kind of like the Captain Marvel scenario in reverse.

Excited to see the two Tom’s, Spider and Venom, finally meet face to face? Let us know in the comments below.

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