Kristen Stewart’s new film is worse than Charlie’s Angels but isn’t her fault


Seberg reviews are starting to trickle in and, despite an outstanding performance by Stewart, they are much worse than Charlie’s Angels.

Kristen Stewart has proven to us all that she has the talent to play iconic characters. Despite the terribly written and awefully directed disaster piece that Charlie’s Angels was, Stewart managed to deliver much needed comic relief into an otherwise bland and boring reboot.

Did you know?Elizabeth Banks wants a trans Charlie’s Angel.

At the Amazon Studio premiere of Seberg last month, the 29-year-old actress showed up braless, but still managed to look classy as heck.

Unfortunately her daring choices are not just limited to fashion but movies too. Charlie’s Angels tanked at the box office and received an abysmal Rotten Tomatoes score of 51%. And it seems as Seberg is about to beat that by a whole 10% as it currently sits at 42%, but it is not Kristen Stewart’s fault.

Kristen Stewart impressed critics with her performance has the French new-wave icon, but the film was ultimately panned for its bad writing and cheesiness.

Lauren of FilmWeek wrote, “[Kristen Stewart] is well cast and the costumes are great. I just didn’t think it was a particularly well-written film.”

Trailer to Kristen Stewart’s new film, Seberg

Other’s criticised the movie for taking an important time in feminist and political history and turning it into a cheap political commentary on modern day America.

Stewart as Seberg
Kristen Stewart’s new film Seberg allegedly sucks.

The general censuses was that the film did not do justice in telling the story of Jean Seberg and her tragic, and controversial, death. Instead what people got was a cheap and cheesy feminist super-hero who spouts dumb catchphrases.

“Obvious points are made repeatedly; characters spout slogans rather than naturalistic dialogue; dramatic payoffs feel unearned.” wrote John Anderson of the Wall Street Journal.

Kristen Stewart looks exactly like Seberg in new film

Kristen Stewart looks exactly like Seberg in new film

Not Kristen Stewart, Jean Seberg, actual photo.

The worst rated Kirsten Stewart film is still the cheesy 2007 horror flick called The Messengers which is described as “a film so filled with clichés of the genre and plot points so dumb that even a novice would end up laughing.”

Seberg will premiere as a limited release in selected cinemas across the U.S.A February 21, 2020.

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