Mulan Live Action Disney+ scam: One of the worst movies ever made


Mulan Live Action is now available to stream on Disney+ with a catch. You must pay $35AUD to unlock it, and it’s not worth it. It sucks.

Earlier this year Dinsey announced that they’d be releasing the Mulan Live Action remake directly to their video streaming service. What they didn’t tell you is that it would cost you AUD$35 to watch the premier… and it’s not at all worth it.

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The live action remake of the classic Disney animation is almost unrecognisable. If it wasn’t so heavily branded and we weren’t continuously reminded that we are watching Mulan, we could have mistaken it for a generic Chinese epic. Sadly, there is nothing epic about Mulan live action.

Disney+ is charging people AUD$35 for “Premier Access” which gives them exclusive access to watch the film before it becomes available to other Disney+ members.

This may seem steep, but considering your entire family can bypass the cinema and watch it from the comfort the sofa, it’s a pretty good deal. It’s a clever and innovative way to get that film out there — safely — meanwhile recuperating the losses from the lockdown. Only problem; Mulan isn’t worth it.

Diney+ Premier Access

Disney+ ‘Premier Access’ good idea but Mulan Live action made it feel like a cringe scam.

Unfortunately, we took the bait. We were excited to see how Disney had adapted this classic animation to a live action film. We were also happy to contribute to the almost bankrupt film industry. Ultimately, though, we felt scammed.

Mulan is worse than Artemis Fowl; and the funny thing is, the movie had one of the biggest budgets in the history of Disney films (USD$200 million). That probably explains the hefty AUD$35 price tag.

The Mary-Sue.

The movie is so terrible that I actually ended up hating Mulan. She is not the adorable — sometimes clumsy — and courageous girl who risked everything to save her father. She’s a cocky and arrogant superhero. She’s basically Rei “Skywalker” just infinitely more annoying.

The script is terrible. The cast and characters are forgettable, but — hey — maybe the action scenes can redeem the live action remake of Mulan? NOPE!

One of the best things about Chinese cinema is their action films. When it comes to high-pace and intense action movies, they’ve got it in the bag. They are also visually stunning. Honestly, when they announced Mulan live action remake, my mind went instantly to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I mean, come on, a mature retelling of Mulan with amazingly choreographed action and beautiful cinematography is what we were all hoping for. What we got, instead, was more akin to a Tommy Wiseau film.

The director was out off here league.

Niki Caro has no place directing action films. The 53-year-old Kiwi (New Zealander) director may have made some decent melodrama films in the past, but she was way out off her league in Mulan.

She does not know how to frame action scenes, and the result is hilariously terrible. There’s an abundance of incredibly talented stunt and Wushu artists in China. Why didn’t they use them?

Take Zhenwei Wang for example. He was the antagonist in the 2010 Karate Kid remake starring Jackie Chan and Meth-Head Smith. Love or hate it, you cannot deny that the film has some amazing action and fighting scenes. Wang was only 13-year-old in that film, and he did his own stunts.

Mulan actress, Liu Yifei, slammed for supporting Hong Kong police; people call for boycott.

Mulan actress, Liu Yifei, slammed for supporting Hong Kong police; people call for boycott.

The action sequences in Mulan are so bad that the film borders on being a comedy. They are shot in such an amateur way that it absolutely kills the illusion of any real action.

The whole film is cringe.

For example: instead of seeing Mulan perform an actual wall jump, Caro cuts to the wall where you then see a foot, then it cuts to her in the air and defying gravity.

Another example: Mulan loses her footing and is about slip off the roof of a building. She cuts to a close up of her foot, then her spinning in the air, and then falling with a terribly green screen behind her before she awkwardly lands and pulls of a “sick move” with her staff. The cringe is real.

Mulan live action remake is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t feel like Disney. It doesn’t feel like Mulan… this image below sums it up perfectly.

Knock off Disney product

Mulan Live Action remake on Disney+ summed up in one picture.

Congratulations Niki Caro on your incredible L. You had one of Disney’s most beloved animated films, and one of the biggest budgets to boot yet you delivered some knock off abomination. Kudos!

If you still want to check it out, please, save your money and wait until it is available to regular Disney+ members and avoid this ‘Premier Access’ Disney+ Mulan scam.

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