Pictures of moustached Henry Cavill playing Superman leak online


Hilariously awkward pictures of Henry Cavill behind-the-scenes with a moustache during the filming of Justice League have leaked online.

We all knew that Henry Cavill had a moustache in Justice League that the special effects team ultimately had to edit out. We all knew about it, we just didn’t see it… until now.

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Henry Cavill was pretty much done filming Justice League when he started growing the now historic moustache. He was growing it for his role in Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible Fallout.

Sadly, the state of Justice League was a mess and the producers had to call back select actors for a reshoot only to find that Clark Kent himself had some face lace.

Shocked, producers immediately demanded that Cavill shave moustache but unfortunately for them there was a clause in his contract which meant he had to keep it.

Instead the VFX team had to allocate some of their budget into removing the now ably titled “Super-Stache” from every frame of the film. Although they did an OK job at covering it up, those in the know could not but help see how weird it looked in the final cut.

Henry Cavill Superstache removed
Warner Bros. had to digitally remove Henry Cavill’s moustache from Justice League: the result is weird.

The “Super-Stache” became one of the biggest memes in 2017 and the film’s box office performance and review didn’t really help curb the spread of the meme.

Now, thanks to internet leaks, we can finally see what Superman would have looked like with that moustache, and — honestly — they should have just let him keep it.

Leaked behind-the-scenes photos of Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut have appeared online and now we can finally see what it looked like before they clumsily edited it out.

Superman moustache
Henry Cavill with a moustache as Superman pictures leaked.

Well, hello handsome! Is it just me or is Superman actually kind of hot with lip foliage, at least in these pictures? I know for continuities sake it might have made a bit weird have him appear with a moustache randomly in the film but — hear me out — wouldn’t just have been easier adding a moustache into the scenes where he didn’t have one instead of digitally removing it.

Pretty sure it is easy adding things into a movie instead of removing them, right?

Henry Cavill leaked
Super-Sexy-Man is all I need. Henry Cavill is so handsome.

Considering what they did to the Joker in the same DC universe, giving Superman a moustache would be the least offensive thing they did. And it kind of works, honestly.

There’s even a rumour that DC are interested in bringing Jared Leto back for his own Joker origin story. I mea it would be interesting, but he is going up against Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker which was is considered to be one of the best DC movies of all times by fans… and well, not everybody was thrilled with goth-emo Joker.

The Zack Snyder Justice League cut, which is rumoured to be at least 3 hours long, is set to premiere exclusively on HBO Max on March 18th. Still no word where Aussies can watch it. Best bet is Stan or Foxtel.

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