VIDEO: Bam Margera meltdown after failing drug test for Jackass 4


In deleted Instagram video a crying Bam Margera responded to being forced out off the upcoming Jackass 4 movie due to his drug relapse and mental health issues.

This article discusses substance abuse, depression, and suicide.

Former professional skater, musician and heartthrob stuntman, Bam Margera, is barely recognisable today, especially in this emotional meltdown video. The 41-year-old old Jackass star has had a lifelong struggle with substance abuse and his former cast mates don’t want him in the next film.

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Bam Margera is one of the youngest members of the Jackass crew, yet due to his many bad life choices and years of substance abuse he now looks the oldest. Despite going to rehab multiple times Bam Margera does not seem to be improving and his friends and former cast mates are worried about his condition and believe that he’s in no condition to star in Jackass 4.

In a now deleted Instagram video Bam Margera had a meltdown and responded to the news and tearfully begged for money from his fans.

The video turns dark quickly. After having an emotional meltdown Bam Margera starts dry heaving and vomits into his kitchen sink before cussing at his former friends.

Bam Magera fired Jackass 4
MELTDOWN: Bam Margera was undeniably the star of Jackass before losing everything to drug addiction and becoming suicidal.

“F*ck you Nashville. F*ck you Spike. F*ck you Jeff, you never cared about me man. You f*cking f*ckers,” a distressed Bam Margera says before ending his video.

Bam’s suicidal.

The original post claims that the budget for Jackass 4 is 10 million dollars. Bam feels cheated by his former cast mates.

“There budget is 10 million dollars. How do I compete with that?” The post begins.

“I don’t care what people say about me, they want to keep me at bay. Jeff, you owe me some money and you owe me a logo that you stole. I feel so free now to know that I never needed you. I cried every night for over a year, 96% being bitter and suicidal. I was suicidal? Yes, because of Jackass never giving me an answer and keeping me in limbo and driving any person crazy.”

Bam Margera was the last to hear about the fourth, and likely final, Jackass film and was not invited to any of the press events in 2020.

Bam Margera insists that he’s going to do a “better” movie and insists that his fans donate money to his Venmo account to help him fund it after a year of being “suicidal”, but most people are not sol sure that sending Bam money would be the best thing right now considering his on-going battle with substance addiction.

It’s Margera’s own fault.

A long time fan shared his feelings on the situation: “I started crying almost as soon as I clicked play. He’s 41 but looks like he’s around 61. It’s surreal and devastating to see because from 10 to 16 I worshipped the whole cast of Jackass but especially Bam and Dunn. Now ones in a grave and the other is surely but not slowly digging his. He’s struggled with his addictions so long and I honestly at this point can’t sense from him even a glimpse of wanting to change until it’s too late which it could already be. I feel horrible for his parents Phil and April because no parents should have to bury their child but it’s looking like a strong possibility.”

A suicidal Bam Margera, still in his 30s, looks 60 on Dr. Phill.

A source close to production revealed that this was entirely Bam’s fault and that he was kicked out off the movie because he was in breach of his contract which required Bam Margera to be sober throughout the film’s production.

“The producers know he’s pivotal to Jackass, and that’s why they did everything possible to make sure he turned up sober for filming. He was made aware of the stipulations on his contract that he be available for random urine tests 24/7, and he agreed to those stipulations. No one was holding his feet to the flame to sign onto doing Jackass 4. By not taking any responsibility for his actions that made it necessary for him to require random urine tests, he is still acting like an addict. Anyone who sends him money, is literally helping him to kill himself,” a source claiming to be close to the production.

The new Jackass film is still slated for a 2021 release and it will most likely be their last film.

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