Britney Spears’ Every Time (Everytime) is Really About Her Abortion


Britney Spears was trying to tell us all that Justin Timberlake made her get an abortion in her hit song “Every Time.”

Britney Spears recently revealed in her memoir that she had an abortion almost two decades ago during her relationship with Justin Timberlake. She was 19 years old at the time and amidst burgeoning superstardom, which posed unique pressures on the young couple​​. This revelation has led fans and commentators to speculate about the thematic underpinnings of her 2003 song “Every Time,” (stylized ‘Everytime) with some now convinced that it reflects her emotional turmoil surrounding the abortion​​.

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“Every Time” or “Everytime” is a poignant ballad that emanates a sense of loss and yearning, with lyrics like “Every time I try to fly, I fall / Without my wings, I feel so small.” While the song has often been associated with her relationship with Timberlake, the recent disclosure adds a deeper layer of interpretation. The lyrics might symbolize not only the end of their romantic relationship but also the loss of their unborn child.

The idea that the song could be about the aborted baby brings a sorrowful resonance to its already melancholy tone. Britney’s personal narrative now casts a new light on lines such as “I guess I need you, baby,” possibly reflecting the emotional complexity and the profound impact the abortion had on her.

Every Time music video
Britney Spears’ Every Time (Everytime) is Really About Her Abortion

At the tender age of 19, Britney faced a life-altering decision amidst a rapidly escalating career. The pressures from the entertainment industry, coupled with personal challenges, likely exacerbated the emotional toll. Moreover, it’s suggested that Timberlake had a significant influence on the decision to abort, which could have further contributed to the emotional weight carried by the song​6​​7​.

The emotional outpouring in “Every Time” is palpable and arguably, serves as a window into Britney’s mental state during that period. The vulnerability and raw emotion encapsulated in the song make it one of her most powerful and evocative pieces.

Furthermore, this revelation about the abortion and its possible reflection in “Every Time” provides a nuanced perspective into the antecedents of Britney’s later mental health challenges. The convergence of personal trauma and professional pressure is a potent mix that could have significantly impacted her mental stability.

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Britney Spears’ Every Time (Everytime) is Really About Her Abortion

In retrospect, “Every Time” (ack, I mean ‘Everytime’) stands as a haunting prelude to the tumultuous years that would follow in Britney Spears‘ life. The song, laden with emotional subtext, now reads as a heart-wrenching lament not only for a lost love but a lost potential life.

While Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s decision was seen as mutually beneficial at the time, the emotional repercussions for Britney were profound. “Everytime” encapsulates the emotional depth and turmoil, possibly foreshadowing the mental health struggles she would face in the ensuing years. The song, with its newfound contextual backdrop, remains a poignant piece in Britney’s discography, illustrating the indelible mark such personal experiences can leave.

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