Sia butt tattoos are now officially a thing


There are many reasons one might get a tattoo; self-expression, to support a cause or even an artist… and that’s what these Sia fans did.

Ink. It’s the new norm. You will rarely come across someone that isn’t inked. Sometimes it’s something small like a butterfly ankle tattoo, but full sleeved tattoos are now increasing in popularity. One girl even covered herself in Pokemon and Disney tattoos to show her love.

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Two uber-Sia fans got matching hand drawn tattoos of Sia walking her dog saying, “I really love dogs,” and the caption ‘Sia Furler loves dogs‘ on their butts.. well, at least one of them is a real tattoo.

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is an Australian singer, songwriter and music video director. She started her career as a singer in the acid jazz band Crisp in the mid-1990s in Adelaide. In 1997, when Crisp disbanded, she released her debut studio album titled Only See in Australia. She is now of the word’s biggest pop stars and has written many smash hits like Chandelier, Cheap Thrills, and The Greatest.

Danya Bananya tweeted a picture of her butt tattoo with the hashtag #SiaTattoo. The cheeky tattoo, as shown above, caught Sia’s attention and she responded with a wow!

To prove that the tattoo was actually real she even posted a Tweet of her getting it done.

The tattoo is real and it’s not the first, or even the second, Sia tattoo she has. She has two separate tattoos on each arm and one on her legs.

After the Gold Coaster tweeted the picture another fan followed suit. 23-year-old Bianca Louise also tweeted a picture of her butt tattoo. “And I oop—- @O0Rocker0O and I got matching tattoos today x Credit goes to her for the idea, my tattoo artist tried really hard to match it perfectly x @Sia I hope u like it xo,” she wrote on Twitter.

Not all Sia butt tattoos are as they seem; Bianca did a follow up Tweet admitting that the ‘tattoo’ was merely just eyeliner.

HOWEVER–she does have a real tattoo and the coolest and most creative footwear we’ve ever seen! Bianca reached out to us and showed us her real Sia tattoo that sits above her ankle, on her right foot. As awesome as Sia butt tattoos are, this one has such significant meaning, something that only real Sia fans might understand.

I love you, keep going.

Sia Furler struggled with drug and alcohol addiction in her past but fought hard to get, and remain, sober. She has been sober for 9 years and on the 11th of September, 2018, she Tweeted a powerful message to her adoring fans.

This is empowering message was to let people know that they too can overcome addiction. The tweet is similar to others she posted in 2015 and 2016, marking her fifth and sixth consecutive years of sobriety. “Thank you to all those who have contributed knowingly and unknowingly. I love you, keep going,” Sia wrote in 2016. The year before, Sia told her fans that while getting sober is by no means easy, the hard work eventually pays off. “5 years sober today. If you’re newly sober, keep at it, it gets so so awesome. YOU CAN DO IT!”

So, if you want to get noticed by the Aussie queen of pop just make sure you get a tattoo of the GRAMMY nominee on your butt and tweet it at her. You might make Sia butt tattoos super popular, and heck, even get a shout out from the queen herself.

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