Pokimane Almost Bankrupts Business After Poor Shaming


Imane “Pokimane” Anys, a prominent Twitch streamer, recently ventured into the culinary market with Myna’s Midnight Mini Cookies, only to find her business embroiled in controversy. The launch of these health-focused cookies, priced at AUD$11 per pack with a minimum four-pack purchase, has sparked significant debate over their value and the entrepreneur’s public comments.

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Critics were quick to point out the steep price of the cookies, which totals AUD$44 for less than 500 grams, excluding shipping costs. This pricing strategy drew unfavorable comparisons to similar products, notably Creation Foods’ Midnight Mini Cookies, which offer nearly identical ingredients at a substantially lower price. The unique selling point of Pokimane’s product, a coating of mushroom powder for added vitamin D, has done little to justify the price difference.

In response to the criticism, Pokimane defended the quality of her product on a Twitch livestream, asserting that Myna Snacks uses superior ingredients compared to its competitors. However, this claim was soon challenged by a study suggesting misinformation, leading to further scrutiny of the brand.

The backlash intensified following Pokimane’s reaction to her detractors on another livestream. Her comments, labeling critics as “misogynist incels” and referring to those unable to afford her cookies as “poor boys,” were perceived as insensitive and elitist. This incident significantly impacted the brand’s image, with numerous content creators and businesses criticizing her for being “out of touch.”

Pokimane Myna Snacks
Pokimane Almost Bankrupts Business After Poor Shaming

Further complicating matters, an investigation by Atelisi raised allegations of deceptive marketing practices by Myna Snacks. It highlighted striking similarities between Myna’s cookies and a product from Creations Foods, challenging the originality of Pokimane’s snacks.

The reaction from other brands and influencers has been notably critical. Opera GX, a well-known tech brand, publicly countered Pokimane’s stance by suggesting financial desperation as a motive behind her high pricing. This statement from a major industry player signified the extent of the negative sentiment towards Pokimane’s business practices.

As the situation unfolds, the controversy surrounding Myna Snacks illustrates the complexities and pitfalls of influencer-led business ventures. Pokimane’s venture into the snack market, mired by accusations and public relations missteps, demonstrates the challenges of balancing entrepreneurship with public perception. The impact of her remarks on the potential success of Myna Snacks remains a subject of keen interest, highlighting the critical role of consumer trust and brand image in the competitive world of health snacks.

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