Frankie MacDonald could go on The Ellen Show later this year


Frankie MacDonald has earned his spot in the hearts of many with his adorable and thoughtful weather forecasts on YouTube. His biggest dream is to be on The Ellen Show, and it just might happen.

Frankie is the poster boy for success; despite his disabilities the 35-year-old man is living his dream as he’s now a well-known and beloved celebrity and independent meteorologist.

Frankie MacDonald now has his heart set on appearing on The Ellen Show as a guest, and knowing what MacDonald has accomplished thus far, that may just happen.

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Frankie MacDonald is an independent Canadian weather forecaster from the Whitney Pier area of Sydney, Nova Scotia. MacDonald, who has autism, is known for his down-to-Earth and adorable online weather forecasts.

Ellen DeGeneres

Frankie MacDonald could appear on The Ellen Show (picture Ellen DeGeneres)

He currently has over 226,000 subscribers on YouTube and 107,000 followers on Twitter, all of which he earned by himself. His success has inspired thousands around the world to chase their dreams.

“Everyone should follow their dreams and try to help others along the way. Frankie MacDonald the weatherman. Truly an Inspiration,” an adoring fan wrote on Twitter.

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Frankie MacDonald gives sound advice on the Coronavirus pandemic on Twitter.

Despite Frankie’s success — however — he has yet to live his biggest dream; appear on The Ellen Show to talk about his life and passions. And that just may happen with the help of us fans.

Ellen DeGeneres is very active on social media and often times has her finger on the pulse of trending media. If Frankie’s fans were to Tweet at her (@TheEllenShow) with the hashtag #GetFrankieOnEllen there’s a good chance she’ll see it and get him on the show.

If you want to support Frankie MacDonald’s work alternatively you can also purchase some of his merchandise; like this awesome talking Bobblehead.

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