Green Eggs and Ham season 2 cancelled after Dr Seuss controversy?


Netflix have reportedly cancelled junked plans for season 2 of Green Eggs And Ham after social media outrage of offensive Dr Seuss material.

Netflix seem to have lost interest in producing a second season of the popular animated series based on iconic children’s novel Green Eggs and Ham after activists find questionable and offensive content in the late and great author’s material, Dr Seuss.

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Although Green Eggs and Ham season 1 received praise from critics around the world it doesn’t look like it will be getting a follow up despite Netflix having previously promised it.

The second season, teased as Green Eggs and Ham: A Second Serving, was originally revealed by Netflix ahead of Christmas 2019 in a short seasons greeting video. It was rumoured to premier late 2020 but due to the virus production was unfortunately delayed.

Now, our source claims, Netflix is distancing themselves from the project and have in fact cancelled the animated series based on the popular Dr Seuss novel.

After online Twitter activists made #DrSeussIsRacist trend on Twitter showcasing what some may consider to be outdated and offensive racial stereotypes online retailers were quick to pull thousands of Dr Seuss books from their shelves.

Dr Seuss cancelled

The book in question include If I Ran a Zoo, Scrambled Eggs Surprise, And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street, and On Beyond Zebra. Activists have slammed these children novels for celebrating whiteness, colonisation and featuring racist characteurs.

However, what has seemed to offend the most people was one that even the Chinese government banned. It contains an image of a Chinese boy dressed in traditional attire and eating noodles with chopsticks. The caption underneath the image simply says “… a Chinese boy who eats with sticks ….”

Dr Seuss Chinese

Now Netflix have joined the side of the online activists and they have reportedly scrapped any plans for season 2 of the critically acclaimed animated series adapted from the classic Dr Seuss children’s book Green Eggs and Ham.

Strangely despite massive outrage and legal issues concerning their incredibly disturbing and exclusive child exploitation film Cuties the VOD streaming giant refused to remove the controversial French film from their catalogue and instead defended it as “creative expression” and “freedom of speech.”

We’ve reached out to Netflix for confirmation about these rumours as they’ve not made any official comments on social media. We’ve will update this article when we find out more.

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