Harry Houdini pulls off the great escape on Aussie Survivor


Yet another tribal with the target painted crimson red on his back, Harry has pulled of another great escape. Despite Queen Janine shouting ‘off with his head’, Harry lives to see another day.

The 30 year old Perthian, Harry Hills, has been scoring some big screen time on Ten for his antics on Australian Survivor. At first it was for his, err, little white lie about being a father which most people swallowed hook, line, and sinker. And, to be honest, I honestly believed that it would be his undoing… but, boy, was I wrong.

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Since then he has continued to steal the spotlight with his ‘lay it all on the line’ approach, his knack for finding idols and making big bold calls at tribal – oh, and lets not forget his Oscar-worthy performances. Harry knew he was public enemy number one when he, and rightfully I might add, called out Janine for being the queen bee.

Janine is obviously the shot-caller but she is starting to crack under the constant pressure of Harry’s finger pointing. Twice now she has dictate her cult members who to vote off and twice have they followed her instruction without question and twice have they failed in comic fashion.

Janine Allis, Boost founder Survivor publicity stunt | Sausage Roll

I must admit that I wasn’t surprised by the idiocy of most of the champions; unconditional loyalty has always been the biggest exploitable weakness of these sport legends. Also, their inflated egos make them pretty gullible to deceptive panders. But I was honestly expecting a lot more from Pia Miranda!

Will Harry Hills Survive another tribal counsel?

At the start of the season I wrote a list of the five castaways most likely to win Australian Survivor, and Pia Miranda was in that list. Unfortunately, with every passing episode I’m starting to lose respect for her as a game-player. She is, at least at this stage in the game, nothing more than Queen Janine’s pawn and she is utterly obvious to it. I’m honestly regretting not having Janine on that list because, oh my God, that girl is fierce! But, Pia is still, kind of, flying under the radar and she hasn’t really had conflict with any other castaway, so if she makes it to the end, she is still a strong shoe in for Soul Survivor.

Regardless, Harry Houdini, or Dirty Harry, was spot on with his remarks yesterday. Queen Janine seems to be the only castaway on his tribe actually playing the game, the rest are just riding the waves and they are in for a rude awakening the second the Queen gets dethroned.

Harry Houdini pulled of yet another amazing escape on Aussie Survivor and he has sky rocketed to the top of my list of favourite castaways of all time. Unfortunately Matt was a casualty in Harry’s big play, but like he said, there was no other way. We are still sad to see him go; he was the driving force his tribe and stood passionately for all contenders.

Let’s hope that Harry can pull off the impossible escape on Monday night by, again, finding an idol and blindsiding Queen Janine. Off with her head!

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