Hilarious Buffy meme compares Willow to Snape sparks interesting theory


A Whedonverse fan posted a hilarious Buffy meme comparing Willow to Snape, and it sparked and interesting theory; Tara is still alive.

A user going by the name of ObviouslyAudry posted a hilarious Buffy meme of Dark Willow with the caption, “That moment when Tara dies and Willow magically turns into Severus Snape #always?” The post got a lot of laughs and up-votes until denial set in.

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Tara, played by Amber Benson, was Willow’s girlfriend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was also one of the most loved characters in the series and, albeit a new addition, was a welcomed member to the Scooby Gang. Sadly, in the 19th episode of the 6th season called “Seeing Red” she was killed.

he only thing Willow was ever good for… the only thing going for me were those moments — just moments — when Tara would look at me and I was wonderful — and that will never happen again


Her death is probably one of the most shocking and memorable deaths in the series because it seemed so real. Tara was killed by a stray bullet to the heart shot by Warren Mears intended for Buffy. In that moment, her blood splattered on Willow’s top. Tara’s last words were “Your shirt?”, before she collapsed to the floor, dead.

Tara Maclay is not dead?

After a few laughed at the similarities between Severus Snape and Willow — which, if I might add, should say Snape magically turns into Dark Willow (Buffy was out before Harry Potter… duh!) — people were hit with the harsh reality of Tara’s death. “Haha Tara never died. Unrelated, I skip the last few episodes of 6 and bop right onto 7 where Tara had moved away happily somewhere living a good life with, I assume, many friendly dogs.” Said MuscleNerdStudios. Is that really such a crazy theory?

One user noted, “Buffy was supposed to be granted one wish (anything she wants in the whole world, no restrictions). During the entire episode, she’s contemplating and can’t decide what she wants.” -BorvAries- continues, “Eventually, she goes up to Willow and says ‘you know those shoes that I always really wanted, but they’re really expensive?’ Willow replies by saying: ‘you.. used your wish on… shoes?’, to which Buffy replies ‘of course not.’ and walks out of the room. Then Willow turns around and Tara is there.”

Willow from Buffy

Although this technically never happened because Amber Benson was unavailable for filming that day, it was supposed to. And if it happened in Jos Whedon’s mind, then you can argue ithat it’s more than just an interesting theory, maybe, in an alternate reality, it’s cannon. At least this is the version I wish to believe.

What are your thoughts? Is Tara Maclay still alive? Let us know in the comments below.

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