Why Are Luxury Bands Boycotting Lisa from BLACKPINK?


Are luxury brands really abandoning Lisa from BLACKPINK because they thought her Crazy-Horse dance was too much?

In the cosmopolitan sphere of K-pop, few stars shine as brightly as Lisa, a Thai singer, rapper, and dancer, known widely for her membership in the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK. Since stepping into the limelight, Lisa’s unique charm and performance skills have not only contributed to BLACKPINK’s chart-topping songs but have also propelled her to stardom as a solo artist. Her journey began at a tender age, driven by a passion for music and dance that led her to join YG Entertainment, one of South Korea’s most prestigious music labels. Through rigorous training and an unyielding spirit, Lisa quickly became a formidable part of BLACKPINK, helping the group garner a massive global following with their catchy tunes and dynamic performances.

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As BLACKPINK continued to break records, Lisa’s individual prowess did not go unnoticed. Her charismatic presence and keen fashion sense soon caught the eye of high-profile luxury brands, leading to several endorsements and collaborations that further elevated her status in the entertainment industry. Lisa became a sought-after brand ambassador, her image aligning seamlessly with the elegance and opulence epitomized by designer brands such as BVLGARI and CELINE. The symbiotic relationship between Lisa and these luxury brands was a testament to her ever-growing influence and the expansive reach of K-pop culture across borders.

The narrative took an adventurous turn in September 2023 when Lisa embarked on a solo venture that saw her gracing the stage at the renowned Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris. Over three nights, Lisa showcased a different facet of her artistic persona, veering into the realm of burlesque in a bold departure from the more conventional K-pop performances. The decision, though met with mixed reactions, highlighted Lisa’s daring spirit, willing to explore beyond the established norms and carve out a distinctive niche in the vast entertainment landscape.

However, the repercussions of Lisa’s Crazy Horse stint reverberated beyond the cabaret’s iconic red curtains. Reports began to emerge of luxury brands, once closely aligned with Lisa, seemingly distancing themselves from the K-pop star. Social media was abuzz as eagle-eyed fans noticed that some brands had deleted pictures and posts associated with Lisa, triggering speculations of a possible boycott.

Lisa on a pole
Why Are Luxury Bands Boycotting Lisa from BLACKPINK?

Digging deeper into the incident reveals a complex interplay of factors potentially contributing to the speculated boycott. The Chinese market, a significant consumer of luxury goods, appeared to have mixed sentiments towards Lisa’s burlesque performance. With over 20% of luxury goods sales emanating from China, the market’s reaction could have a notable impact on brand endorsements. Some reports suggested that the negative sentiment from this lucrative market might have prompted luxury brands to reconsider their association with Lisa, especially in a digitally connected world where public perception can swiftly affect brand image.

Moreover, there were whispers of other possible explanations for the observed distancing. Speculations arose that the nearing end of Lisa’s contracts with these brands or her contract end with YG Entertainment might have played a role in the unfolding scenario. The multifaceted situation underscores the delicate balance between personal artistic expression and brand endorsement in the realm of celebrity partnerships.

The unfolding narrative between Lisa and the luxury brands sheds light on the broader dynamics at play in the celebrity-brand partnership arena. As Lisa ventured into bold new artistic territory with her Crazy Horse performance, the ripple effects were felt in the commercial corridors of luxury brand endorsements. The incident highlights the challenges and considerations inherent in such partnerships, especially in a globalized market where cultural sentiments and public perception can significantly sway brand strategies.

The Crazy-Horse dance
Why Are Luxury Bands Boycotting Lisa from BLACKPINK?

As the dust settles on the Crazy Horse controversy, the intricate dance between individual artistic expression and commercial endorsements continues to play out in the public eye. The evolving situation underscores the complex interplay of factors that shape the celebrity-brand alliance landscape, illuminating the nuanced considerations that both parties navigate in their quest for mutual benefit and broader appeal.

The Lisa-Crazy Horse episode is a poignant reminder of the delicate equilibrium that exists between artists’ pursuit of individual expression and the commercial imperatives of the brands they endorse. As the narrative continues to unfold, it will be intriguing to observe how it shapes the future discourse on celebrity endorsements and brand partnerships in an ever-evolving global entertainment industry.

ELI5: Liza Crazy Horse Episode

Imagine you have a favorite colorful and shiny balloon that you love to show off to your friends at school. One day, you decide to draw a big, bold pattern on it with a marker, thinking it will make your balloon even cooler. Some of your friends love the new look, but others don’t like it at all and say it’s too different. Now, some friends who used to play with you and your balloon don’t want to anymore because they worry that other kids won’t think it’s cool.

Crazy-Horse too much? Why Are Luxury Bands Boycotting Lisa from BLACKPINK?

The Liza-Crazy Horse episode is a bit like that: Liza, known for her cool dance moves and songs, tried something new on a big stage in Paris, which some people loved, but others didn’t. And now, some big companies that used to like showing off their stuff with Liza’s help are thinking twice because they’re not sure what other people might think.

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