8 budget ways to have a great time with friends


Friendly communication is very important, it energizes us and gives us the opportunity to maintain self-confidence. Unfortunately, people communicate in person less and less often, losing valuable soul ties. And they often justify it by the fact that frequent friendly gatherings empty their wallets. But there would be a desire, and the opportunity to have fun in a friendly company without spending a lot of money can always be found!

Here are a few such ways:

Music party.

Ask your friends to bring their favorite music and enjoy the whole evening.  You can have a nostalgic disco party with the music of your youth, a blues party, or even learn some dance.

Game Night.

Prepare some snacks and play games all evening – mafia, backgammon, charades, twister, puzzles – anything, we can find tons of ideas on the internet. You can also play online games like Mortal Kombat or pokies Australia.

Beauty Party.

Get together with your girlfriends and have an evening of nail art, practicing your skills on each other. Wear face masks, style your hair, and pour a glass of wine.

Discussion Club.

Make a list of movies, books, or events that you all know, and over a glass of wine, take turns discussing them all. Depending on your interests, you can discuss fashion news, sensational articles on the Internet, mysterious phenomena, political processes, etc.

Clothing swap.

A great way to get rid of old clothes and update your closet! Ask your girlfriends to bring all the clothes they don’t wear and organize a fitting and exchange between them.

Virtual travel.

Young pretty girl at home playing vr games in virtual reality glasses, overjoyed emotional portrait
8 budget ways to have a great time with friends

Even if you’re not going anywhere in the near future, developing a travel itinerary can be very exciting. Think about everything in detail – what places you will visit, what hotels you will stay in. Make an album of your trip – you can take photos of the sights from the Internet. You will have a lot of fun, and by the time you decide to travel everything will be ready. While planning your virtual travel destinations, why not also explore the diverse world of flavors from those cultures? For those who enjoy vaping, shishavibe.com offers an array of international vape juice flavors that can transport your taste buds abroad without leaving your living room.

Beauty Workshop. 

Pick up instructional videos on YouTube and learn makeup, braiding, massage, etc. going from beginner to professional in just a night.

Friendly sleepovers.

Remember when we all loved to have sleepovers at each other’s houses as kids? Not only was it a fun time, but it was also a way to strengthen friendships. Invite your friends over for a sleepover and reminisce about your childhood. Instead of bedtime stories, you can have a Scary Movie Night and watch some horror movies.


Friends tasting wine near vineyards in countryside
8 budget ways to have a great time with friends

You can taste anything – wine, chocolate, ice cream, salads, homemade baked goods. Let everyone bring something different and at the end of the evening, vote to pick a winner.

Cooking Party.

Together, we buy ingredients for some complicated dishes and prepare them at home.

Picnic at the nearest park.

Pack snacks, take a plaid and sit for a while in a picturesque place. You can bring a ball or badminton, crafts, you can just chat.

Photo shoot.

Plan a photo shoot and prepare for it in advance – think about images, choose props and a place for photography.

Joint shopping.

Go shopping as a group – for example, to update your closet or makeup bag, interior design or even just groceries.


Grab a stack of paper and felt-tip pens and make your life plans – what you want to accomplish in 10 years in each area of life, and how you plan to get there. Draw your desired maps, schemes for achieving your goals. In addition to global planning, you can organize your daily life – develop routines and plan different daily tasks, sharing your experiences with each other.

Go to a museum or zoo.

family on a walk in the zoo
8 budget ways to have a great time with friends

In large cities, museums with free access for all are often organized in universities, libraries and educational spaces.

Create a time capsule.

Find a small box and then go through your home collecting items that can represent your present reality. These could be:

  • receipts from the supermarket or bar;
  • newspaper pages with information of interest to you;
  • a couple of coins from your wallet;
  • a printout of a booking confirmation from a bunking site;
  • one of the small toys your cat enjoys;
  • a flash drive with photos from your recent vacation on it.

Put it all in a box, tape it up and attach a sticker with today’s date and a note to open exactly five or ten years from now. That way a piece of your daily life will travel into the future.

Study the starry sky.

Magical view of silhouettes of two men stargazing, admiring the Milky way and the blue night sky
8 budget ways to have a great time with friends

Spend daylight hours preparing: download apps with information about celestial bodies and galaxies, figure out where you can find a secluded spot away from overly bright streetlights. In the evening, go to a park or stadium, lay out a mat, lie on your back and look up at the sky. This exercise helps you realize how big and beautiful the Universe is around us and how ridiculous our earthly problems are.

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