8 Daily Habits Of A Well-Groomed Man


Habits. We all have them. Some are plain as common grass, some unique as snowflakes. Habits tend to fall into one of two groups: good or bad. Good habits we praise. Bad habits we hide anywhere we think no one will look.

One thing good and bad habits have in common is they will, over time, have some effect on your appearance. A well-groomed man doesn’t garner acclaim by accident. It’s all because of the results of his good daily habits. And more often than not, maintaining these good grooming habits can be as easy as making simple adjustments to your daily schedule. You may even find that it takes the same amount of time to use hair styling powder to give your ‘do added volume and texture as it does to quickly ruffle your hair in front of a mirror before you run out the door. And which morning routine is going to make you feel like you’re prioritising your own wellness?

If you want to experience all the benefits that accompany investing in your grooming, then why not try cultivating these eight daily habits into your own routine?

Give your face a drink

Before you race out and buy the most comprehensive skin care kit known to man, start with the basics. You already shower once (or twice) a day. Now it’s time to give your face the same attention. Rinsing your face in the morning and evening, followed by a little moisturiser, is ideal, as it takes care of any dead skin or oily build-ups that can occur either during the day or while we sleep. 

Dehydrated Sweaty Young Man Drinks Water After Workout
8 Daily Habits Of A Well-Groomed Man

And while we’re on hydration, remember to drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps to flush toxins from the body, many of which will otherwise exit the body through your skin. Simply put, a well-hydrated body is more likely to be a blemish-free one. 

Domesticate the wolf

While we often credit Dracula with sartorial elegance, the same can’t be said for the Wolfman. In other words, there’s nothing well-groomed about letting your beard grow like weeds in a forgotten yard. So take to your facial hair the way you would a prized lawn: with care and precision. 

The trick is to use a beard trimmer with multiple heads or settings. This allows you to refine your facial hair to suit your style and the shape of your face. A versatile trimmer also lets you keep everything even, which is key as an uneven pasture is likely the first thing others will comment on when they see you. 

Sleep, meet skincare

We all know sleep is the pendulum that decides much of our daily wellbeing. Have enough, and you seize the day. Have too little, and the day seizes you. For better or worse, your skin doesn’t lie – and if you haven’t slept enough it’s going to show. 

Young man with moisturizer on the face
8 Daily Habits Of A Well-Groomed Man

That’s why combining regular, healthy amounts of sleep with a skincare regime is ideal for looking and feeling spry. When we sleep, our body recharges and resets. Adding things like night cream only serve to enhance this rejuvenation, so be sure to prepare a thoughtful evening skincare routine that caters to your skin type. This evening routine can also act as the perfect accompaniment to your wind-down process every night, allowing you to sleep better too.

Conditioner is better

That settles the debate. While it’s essential to use shampoo and conditioner in your hair, how often you need each differs. Using conditioner daily is healthy – especially for those who are active often or work in physically demanding jobs where your hair may get sweaty. 

Close up of a confident man having a shower
8 Daily Habits Of A Well-Groomed Man

That being said, using shampoo daily is less recommended. This is because shampoo is designed to strip away your hair’s natural oils, whereas conditioner is designed to reintroduce moisture and nutrient-rich oils. That’s why your hair always feels soft and glossy after a trip to the barber. And if you use conditioner every day, you can maintain that post-barber feel indefinitely!

Get rid of your claws

The Wolfman strikes again. Nothing spoils a well-groomed appearance more than long, dirty nails. While you can go through life with your hands perpetually in your pockets, you can also trim your nails regularly. It’s minimal effort for maximum reward, which is the hallmark of any good habit.

Appearance aside, regularly trimming your nails (remember to trim your fingernails and toenails) is good hygiene practice. Whether you can see it or not, the underside of your nails collects dirt, debris, and dead skin. Cutting them regularly cleans out that unwanted collection.

Worship your smile

Like poor nail hygiene, poor oral hygiene is another banana peel on your path to well-groomed status. Of course, your teeth don’t need to be millimetre-perfect in size and shape. They do, however, need to be clean. 

Brushing twice a day, flossing, cleaning your tongue, regularly changing your toothbrush – all these things matter. The payoff is more than just a winning smile. It can also be a healthier and more enriching lifestyle. After all, without healthy teeth, how can you enjoy life’s culinary delights?

Beware the UV

The Sun giveth, and the Sun taketh away. For Spring’s first blossoms, it’s the former. For your skin, sadly, it’s the latter. Spending hours in the sun without proper protection invites a host of problems, both immediate and long-term. Like all the habits on this list, though, being sun-smart is simple and hassle-free. 

The first step is to visit your dermatologist. Everyone’s skin has different needs; a good skin doctor will know which products are best suited to your skin type and lifestyle. Next, it’s simply a matter of being vigilant. Do so, and your skin will always shine. 

Perfume: The Story of a Well-Groomed Man

Most of the focus in this list has been on appearance. Now it’s time to engage another essential sense: smell. Smelling nice is the invisible deal-breaker. With an inviting scent to complement your appearance, you truly deserve the title of a well-groomed man. 

Man portrait, fragrance and skincare bottle product of aftershave, face wellness and luxury cosmeti
8 Daily Habits Of A Well-Groomed Man

The wonderful thing about scents is that you can tailor them to different outfits and occasions. They’re also an incredible memory spark: if you wear a scent well, friends and family will always associate that scent with you. In this regard, finding your ideal scent can also help you forge your identity.

What’s brilliant about good habits is they tend to invite other good habits to join in. If you successfully introduce a few to your daily life, don’t be surprised if more appear on your doorstep. Also, which habits suit your life best may not do so for others. Start with the list above, though, and you’ll be turning heads in no time.

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