Autumn Destinations in Europe to Satisfy Your Wanderlust Desires


Summer or winter travel in Europe can be fun, but autumn travel has its perks over other seasons. After all, autumn travel can be seen as a compromise between summer and winter travel. 

Autumn is commonly known as the “shoulder season” when tourist destinations aren’t in their summer “peak season” or winter “off-season” phases. In the autumn months, tourism locales in Europe aren’t as crowded, which gives more room for tourists to explore Europe during this period.

During this season, places from Liguria to Prague will not only rejuvenate your body but your spirits.

Australians on Traveling to Europe

For Australians, autumn holidays should probably be the main alternative for summer travel. As experts have considered that summers in upcoming years are going to be hotter, it’s best for everyone to consider travelling to Europe during autumn instead.

In a study released by Statista, about 135,000 Australian tourists made their travel to various European countries in 2022. While this number still fell behind the number of outbound Australians to New Zealand and the USA, it showed how Europe as a whole still has its appeal for Australian tourists.

The abundance of cultural festivals, exclusive autumn travel experiences and reliable infrastructures have made Europe remain appealing to Australians. With a reliable Europe SIM card or any dependable e-SIM card to keep you connected, travelling there is more convenient than ever.

Places to Visit

As a start, Italy’s Liguria region is a sight to behold during autumn. Mesmerizing villas, exquisite food and the sleepy beaches define Liguria’s identity for locals and foreign tourists. Ligurian cuisine like pesto, focaccia, cheese products, Barolo wine and truffles can fill your stomach after a day of exploring places like museums and shops in Genoa and surrounding areas.

Woman traveling in Venice, Italy
Autumn Destinations in Europe to Satisfy Your Wanderlust Desires

Porto in Portugal is the most enchanting during autumn. The not-too-strong autumn sunlight will shine over Porto’s traditional houses in Ribeira and the vineyards in Douro Valley. The rustic and quaint feel of Porto makes the city an ideal choice for a runaway from Europe’s metropolises.

Being the cultural capital of Southwestern Europe, Spain’s Barcelona should exist on every itinerary of autumn travels. Cultural landmarks such as food, wine and Flamenco dances will entertain tourists for the remainder of the autumn.

Football fans shouldn’t miss Camp Nou, home of the world-famous FC Barcelona. In fact, they should visit the stadium during autumn since the matches are in full swing in the season. 

Of course, not visiting Bordeaux in France during autumn is a grave sin for wine connoisseurs. While the city’s gastronomic dishes can keep you full, the wines will impress you for life. Saint-Emilion vineyards in Bordeaux spread across the horizon during autumn to grow some of the world’s finest wines.

Hidden Gems

Mediterranean countries such as Croatia are famous for the mixture of various ethnic groups and temperate climates. Croatia’s Istria, in particular, is replete with beaches, vineyards and hills, where the moderate climate is endearing for locals and visitors. Seaside towns and cities in Istria consist of historical buildings thanks to the region’s long history.

If you want to try something different, Cappadocia in Turkey is one of the continent’s heavyweight tourist destinations. The region’s underground settlements have bewitched tourists from everywhere due to their architectural styles and structural integrity. 

Waterfall in Turkey
Autumn Destinations in Europe to Satisfy Your Wanderlust Desires

Standing high in the mountains, tourist attractions such as Cappadocia’s hot air balloon rides and off-road nature explorations are the mainstay attractions during autumn.

The calm Aegean Sea in Turkey’s Bodrum is a fine choice if you want to spend your autumn holiday lazily. If you’re aiming for something challenging, lively beach activities and scuba diving are available here. If you’re a history buff, then consider visiting the Castle of St. Peter and Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

Poland’s Gdańsk doesn’t look like an obvious choice for a European tourist destination, but it is. The cool climate during autumn makes exploring the historical parts of Gdańsk. Not to mention, the city is one of the most livable cities in Poland, which adds to your satisfaction when visiting there.

Lugano in Switzerland is a combination of autumn colours and natural beauty. Lugano Autumn Festival, in particular, is the main attraction where tourists can immerse in the city’s cultural legacies. If you’re into cuisine, then Lugano will have you covered with its wines and dishes.

For the poets, the word “mesmerizing” defines Prague in the Czech Republic when the leaves fall in the autumn months. Multiple architectural styles, from Romanesque to Renaissance and Neo-Gothic, can be seen in the city’s tourist destinations. The autumn sunlight will make exploring places like Prague Castle and Charles Bridge a breeze.

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