Best travel destinations you should visit even after summer season ends 


Travelling is arguably one of the most rewarding hobbies you could have since it blends relaxation with an incomparable learning experience. When you travel, you can take your time to see new things first-hand and discover new places. Since you cannot do this at home, it only makes sense that travelling is the preferred pastime of many. If you haven’t yet made plans for the summer season, there’s no reason to worry. There are many travel destinations that are perfect to visit throughout the year. Here are a few of them. 


Austria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so you should make sure to plan your trip in advance. Go to Parkos to see the best options for affordable parking spots for your vehicle so that you can enjoy your trip with no worries. Few countries are as well-known for their scenic beauty as Austria. It has a reputation as a place made up of lofty mountains, sparkling lakes, brilliant sunlight and crisp alpine meadows. 

Austria, Tyrol, couple hiking in the mountains
Best travel destinations you should visit even after summer season ends 

You’ll be pleased to hear that the descriptions are not far-fetched and that Austria does have all these natural landscapes. Depending on when you choose to visit, you can enjoy the forests’ brilliant colours in late summer or early autumn or spend your time on one of the numerous ski slopes. 

Visiting Vienna is a must due to its vibrant culture and incredible architecture. Many were built during the time of the city’s imperial times. The Viennese coffee houses have played an essential role in the development of Vienna’s café culture and that of the rest of the world. The social practices, atmosphere and rituals associated with drinking coffee. Certain social events, such as literary readings and political movements, also originated in coffee houses. Some of the most emblematic locations you should add to your itinerary include Café Central at Herrengasse 14, Café Hawelka at Dorotheergasse 6, situated in the city centre, Café Bräunerhof at Stallburggasse 2, Café Museum and Café Savoy at Linke Wienzeile 36. 

You must also sample the traditional Austrian cuisine, which includes dishes such as Tafelspitz, boiled veal served with horseradish and apples, Milk-cream strudel, Germknödel, a yeast dumpling filled with a spiced plum jam known as powidl, and served with poppy seeds, vanilla sauce and sugar, Sachertorte and Kaiserschmarrn is among the most popular recipes you can try. 


Located in Southern Africa, with the Atlantic on its western border, Namibia has increasingly become one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. If you are a lover of the great outdoors, there’s no way you can miss out on the opportunity to see this astonishingly beautiful country. Check out the Sydney Airport parking options before you leave so you can get a budget-friendly spot that also allows perfect security for the entire duration of your journey. But while in Austria you can walk through rolling hills, Namibia is well-known for its spectacular desert plains. The country has four separate desert ecosystems: the Namib, Kalahari, Nama Karoo and Succulent Karoo. 

The Namib desert is well-known in pop culture as the primary filming location for the 2015 film “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Travelling to the desert is a unique experience, but you should book your spot well in advance as all the available spaces tend to fill up quickly. If you choose accommodation at a desert lodge, you can also stargaze at night, as Namibia is home to an International Dark Sky Reserve. You can also visit the Skeleton Coast, known to the indigenous San people as “The Land God Made in Anger.” It earned this name due to the many whale bones and broken ships across the beaches, as the region is challenging to navigate at sea. Sossusvlei, a salt flat surrounded by red dunes in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, is also one of Namibia’s most popular tourist attractions. 


If you don’t do well in hot weather and prefer a climate that’s a little bit colder, Iceland is the place for you. The natural landscapes are impressive, with volcanoes, geysers, black sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls and hot springs just ready to be explored. Vatnajökull, Europe’s second most voluminous ice cap, covers approximately 10% of the entire country. In November 2011, it was used as a filming location for Game of Thrones

Best travel destinations you should visit even after summer season ends 

Iceland also has the lowest population density in Europe, with under 400,000 inhabitants. Reykjavík is the world’s northernmost capital and among the greenest, cleanest and safest cities on the planet. Reykjavík has a vibrant art scene, with many examples of street art scattered throughout the city. The Reykjavik Art Museum, the largest institution dedicated to visual arts in Iceland, includes permanent exhibits from established names on the art scene and installations and collections created by contemporary artists. 

The National Gallery of Iceland contains artwork that explains Iceland’s traditional culture and beliefs. Abstract art is popular in Iceland, becoming prominent towards the mid-twentieth century, but there have always been figures that rejected the style and approached cubism or fauvism instead. 


Blending breath-taking national parks with bustling cities, Argentina has something to offer for all travellers. The Patagonia region is perfect for those looking for the ideal hiking experience. Comprising the southern part of the Andes, as well as lakes, fjords, rainforests, deserts, glaciers, high plains and steppes, you’ll experience a trail unlike any other in the world. And although it might sound daunting for beginner hikers, Patagonia offers hiking trails that are fitting for anyone, regardless of skill level. Since summer stretches from November to March in Patagonia, you can visit without worrying about bad weather. 

Landscape of Icebergs in perito Moreno argentina
Best travel destinations you should visit even after summer season ends 

And, of course, you must visit the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, which offers the ideal blend of rich cultural heritage and electric nightlife. The locals are amiable, so you’ll never feel lost, and you’ll get to enjoy the delicious street food, electric nightlife, numerous museums and fantastic dancing. Tango actually hails from Argentina, being created in the late 19th century. 

Even after summer ends, there are still plenty of travelling opportunities available. However, booking your spot in advance is vital to guarantee you can visit your destination of choice. 

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