Enjoy Life By Spending a Holiday Travelling and Camping


During the COVID years, we found out how fragile our freedom is, but we also found out how many things we’re missing in life by following the same old boring routine. Many of us failed to enjoy life properly just because we thought there was time for everything while working 24/7 and doing almost nothing more than chasing our career dreams.

Now that the pandemic is behind us, millions worldwide focus on their adventures and are trying to reconnect with nature. Instead of going to fancy hotels, they go on trips to the wilderness, sleep in tents, breathe fresh air and enjoy the sounds of nature.

In this article, we talk about the beauty of spending your holiday travelling through the great outdoors, camping, and hiking through the endless parts of this fantastic planet. Keep reading if you want to know more about how this is done and why it is beautiful.

Prepare your vehicle for the adventure

The first thing you must do is to prepare your vehicle for the adventure. You can’t go on the road with a small city car, but a UTE, equipped with all the necessary gear. Think toolbox canopies, roof racks, undertray toolboxes, and similar items that will provide enough storage area.

Two Men Unpacking Pick Up Truck On Camping Holiday
Enjoy Life By Spending a Holiday Travelling and Camping

Even more importantly, check your engine and all the following parts of your vehicle. Check the tires and the light. See if there is enough oil inside the engine and check all the other things that might cause an unwanted problem while you’re far away from home and civilization.

Precisely plan the trip

Precisely plan your activities before taking off. It is crucial for being sure you’ll have a great time. If you fail to design a perfect plan, you risk going to the wilderness without enough supplies, getting lost, and having a terrible time.

If you plan everything perfectly, you’ll enjoy some spectacular views that nature provides, the fresh air, fruits from wild trees, and many other things. Many people think that they can’t have fun if everything’s previously planned, but in this case, planning is everything.

Pack everything according to the plan

When you have everything planned, and the vehicle is set to accommodate the items you have on your list, you’re ready to start packing. Fill up the aluminium UTE canopy with all the necessary items. Don’t forget to pack the stuff that is commonly forgotten as we feel like they are always around us, such as utensils and glasses.

Camping Coffee Planning Map Direction Concept
Enjoy Life By Spending a Holiday Travelling and Camping

Always pack a bit more than what you normally need. If you calculate a particular amount of drinking water, feel free to add an extra gallon, as you never know what will come your way and if you need to use it for something in an emergency.

Always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong

You might know exactly where you’re headed, how much time you’ll stay there, and how many supplies you need, but you should always be perfectly prepared for emergencies. Ensure you have extra of everything.

One of the most important things is getting a few jerry cans filled with gasoline, just in case. When going to the great outdoors, you can’t expect to see a gas station every 100 miles down the road. Instead of risking getting stuck, always have extra gasoline on you.

Spend more time in nature and less inside the vehicle

The whole point of this trip is to spend time in nature and enjoy its beauty. If you spend more time in your vehicle than outside, you’re doing something wrong. Get yourself a pair of hiking sticks, put on your best hiking shoes, and follow the trail that leads to a spectacular place.

If you don’t like hiking, you might enjoy a campfire. Time spent around the campfire with friends, the delicious foods baked under the hot flames, and the tasty drinks will give you some of the best memories you’ll never forget.

Document the entire trip and relive your memories until next time

Everyone will tell you to leave technology at home. You don’t need the laptop, and you most definitely don’t need Wi-Fi and an internet connection. You need a smile and willpower to walk through the fields, forests, and mountains.

However, memories are best kept on a hard drive, so carrying a camera or a smartphone and documenting everything you’re doing, might be an excellent idea. This way, you’ll not only enjoy your time but be able to remind yourself of the good times when you get back home.


Follow this list, and you’ll have a tremendous holiday full of fabulous moments. Prepare your vehicle, develop the best plan for the trip, fill the canopy of your UTE with all the supplies, and enjoy time spent in nature.

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