EXPOSED: The Sun libel trial judge’s son works for Rupert Murdoch


Nepotism! Judge Andrew Nicol’s son works for TalkRADIO, a sister company of The Sun owned by Rupert Murdoc. Johnny Depp deserves ha retrial.

Johnny Depp fans have taken matters into their own hands by conducting their own investigation into The Sun after what appeared to be a very sketchy libel trial… and they’ve found some pretty damning dirt!

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Robert Palmer is the son of Andrew Nicol, the judge who ruled in the favour of The Sun in Johnny Depp’s libel trial in London, UK. It was recently discovered by fans who are trying to vindicate Johnny Depp that Palmer works for talkRADIO, a sister company of The Sun that is owned by the wealthy media mogul better known as Rupert Murdoch.

Son of Johnny Depp libel case Judge Andrew Nicol, Robert N Palmer, works for Rupert Murdoch.

talkRADIO abused copyright and broadcasting laws earlier this year.

Rupert Murdoch’s talkRADIO tried bypass a substantial fine for repeatedly breaching broadcasting rules by arguing it had very few listeners, very few advertisers, and would face bankruptcy if they had to pay the penalty.

The regulator Ofcom rejected their argument and imposed a AUD$135,000 fine on the radio station, stating that talkRADIO was ultimately owned by Murdoch’s News Corp, “a global media company with substantial revenue”.

Judge’s son deleted info Twitter profile.

After being exposed by disgruntled Johnny Depp fans, Robert Palmer quickly deleted the info proving his connect to talkRADIO and Rupert Murdoch off his Twitter account.

Andrew Nicol's son, Johnny Depp trial jduge
Robert Palmer deleted his Twitter account after being exposed by Johnny Depp in vindication campaign.

Fortunately fans were able to grab screenshots of his account before he deleted it proving that the judge’s son was connected to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Robert’s friend wrote the “wife beater” article.

Laura Bockov, Depp loyalist who has close to 6000 fans on Twitter, was quick to point out that one of Mr Palmer’s associates who also works at talkRADIO wrote the original “wife beater” smear article about Johnny Depp, further solidifying the connection between them and the scandalous British tabloid.

Dan Wootton and Madonna
Dan Wootton, executive editor of The Sun, with a barely recognisable Madonna.

Daniel John William Wootton, 37, is a New Zealand-born journalist and broadcaster. He is executive editor of The Sun newspaper and host of talkRADIO’s drivetime show.

Below us a nicely put together flow chart detailing the connections between Judge Sir Andrew Nicol, Rupert Murdoch and his many enterprises.

Flow Chart
Flow chart proves connections between Judge Nichol of the Johnny Depp libel trial and Rupert Murdoch.

Johnny Depp deserves a retrial!

The Sun libel trial verdict didn’t make a lot of sense to many people.

The letter regarding the verdict states that although there is little to no evidence that Johnny Depp actually beat his ex-wife Amber Heard,  the article was not libellous because they were “substantially true”.

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”s62jlmrlm9juac7mmuhb” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Amber Heard BUSTED cheating on Depp with James Franco on CCTV” volume=”70″]

This ruling may make a little more sense in hindsight understanding Judge Andrew Nicol’s close family ties to Rupert Murdoch’s New Corp.

This unfair ruling has resulted in Johnny Depp losing his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the upcoming Fantastic Beast 3, and it is rumoured that the rest of Hollywood have also added him to a blacklist.

EDITOR NOTE: This article has been updated with more facts.

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