Kristen Stewart flashes stomach in public and looking fit as ever


Kristen Stewart was spotted in striped crop top, short jean shorts in Los Angeles carrying ukulele and flashing her tummy.

Stewart is currently filming an LGBTQ star studded romantic comedy called Happiest Season with her friends and co-stars Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, and Mary Steenburgen. But she found some time to enjoy the sun.

She was snapped casually strolling around Los Angeles carrying a ukulele and what appears to a beach bag.

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The 29-year-old actress seemed a bit tired, but was glowing all the same, when she was photographed in Los Angeles. Perhaps tired from endlessly filming back-to-back feature films and absolutely killing it.

Although Charlie’s Angels and Seberg were flops Kristen secured herself among the Hollywood with her performances. Despite a terribly cliched script Stewart’s performance was praised in Seberg and many considered her to save the film from being a complete disaster.

Although critics didn’t really fancy UNDERWATER many of Stewart’s fans enjoyed it and thought it was one of her uniquest performances in a while.

Finally the former Twilight starlet can enjoy some time in the sun, and she did just that.

Stewart is no strange to uber-casual fashion. Her style is very down to Earth and easy going, and despite seeming under dressed she always manages to pull it off. She even went braless to the Seberg premier.

Kristen Stewart flashes her tummy

Kristen Stewart flashes stomach in public filming Happiest Season

Kristen Stewart shows stomach in public

Kristen Stewart flashes stomach in public and looking fit as ever.

Kristen Stewart Happiest Season

Stewart flashes midriff in Los Angeles filming Happiest Season

This time is no different. Kristen Stewart wore white tube socks, black ADIDAS sneakers, torn short jean shorts, and a Hampton striped crop top… not exactly high fashion, but this is her time off!

In one photo Kristen Stewart flashes her tummy while tying her hair back. Sure, Kristen Stewart may not be perfectly toned or have sculpted midriff, but she looks super healthy with just the right amount of pudge!

Kristen Stewart is working on her next movie, Happiest Season, and it is due out in cinemas around November, 2020.

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