Why Invest in A Luxury Bag in 2023? 


Purchasing a luxury bag may feel like something big in the early 2010s and has gone out of style these days, but that’s where you’d be wrong. 

Women all over the world are still investing in trendy women’s handbags. 

And if you want to join their ranks, or want to be convinced to join their ranks, here are some things you should know. 

The Reasons To Invest Nowadays

Unlike once upon a time, a luxury bag isn’t just another item on your shelf, these days a bag of this calibre has some definite advantages. 

It’s Durable

In this day and age, you want your money’s worth. This is guaranteed if you buy a great luxury bag. The bag is less likely to break, the seams will last, the hardware will be made durable and the construction of the bag will be overall superior. In addition, the bag will often come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can buy confidently. All of this makes for a bag that is worth the initial investment. 

It’s Stylish

A luxury bag is so versatile it can be used to dress up a casual weekend outfit or complement a more dressy look. If you choose a style that aligns with your style, the bag will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. 

It’s Heirloom

Due to the elevated quality that designer bags possess, they can often last for decades, long enough to be passed down. This means that you will be passing on a part of your style and an investment piece to the generation that comes after you.

It’s Cost Efficient

These days, it’s all about quality over quantity, You don’t want to be buying six cheap bags that all break apart after a month or two of use. This is both not good for the environment, or your wallet. It’s much better to invest in a better-quality bag. Of course, in the designer bag, the initial cost is high, but if you calculate the decades the bag will last, especially if it’s leather, the bag will be more than worth the upfront cost. 

It’s Got a Resale Value

If you’d like to sell your luxury bag one day, you’ll be happy to hear that it often retains its original value. If you take good care of it and invest in maintenance, it’ll often exceed its retail value, especially if it’s a classic bag from a sought-after brand. 

How Do You Know Which Bag to Buy?

Now that you understand why a luxury bag is such a good purchase option, which bag should you get? This is an important question to consider as the bag is expensive, and you don’t want buyer’s remorse! 

Ginger woman holds handbag and smiles
Why Invest in A Luxury Bag in 2023? 

To avoid this, consider the following before you buy:

  • What style of bag do you know suits you and you enjoy wearing?
  • What style of bag will be most useful to you?
  • What colour suits your existing wardrobe?
  • What style of bag will suit you as you grow into another you in a few decades?
  • Would you prefer classic looks or trendy looks?

Once you’ve answered all these questions, you should have narrowed down to the top ten brands and styles, and these can be easily found when you look online. For example, if you were to shop at Louis Vuitton, you’d be seeing a lot of earth-toned bags with the classic LV monogram. On the other hand, if you want preppy looks, Chanel would suit you better. Once you know which brand suits you, finding a bag is just a matter of personal preference.

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