Uber Eats contactless delivery means nothing if staff are unhygienic


Uber took a step in the right direction by offering customers a contactless food delivery option to combat COVID–19 spread, but it does little if the drivers are unhygienic.

Countless Uber Eats drivers have been spotted being careless with the food food they deliver during the ‘no-contact’ delivery restrictions put in place to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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Contactless delivery may sound like the best option, and in many regards is the safest, during growing coronavirus pandemic, but you are not entirely safe from contagion.

It is not enough for Uber Eats to simply request that their drivers pick up and drop off the food, but that they must also be very strict on how they handle their own hygiene and care of the product while it’s travelling with them. Which is impossible to monitor.

Abbey Sandford from Brisbane, Queensland, voiced her concerns when she saw a 20-something Uber Eats driver pause for a smoke break while the food was beside him in the passenger side of his vehicles.

Unhygienic Uber Eats driver takes gross smoking break

Uber Eats contactless ‘no-contact’ delivery can be unpredictably unhygienic and gross.

“It’s really concerning,” she told us. “This is just one of the many reasons I never use any kind of food taxiing service”

However, it may not always be just a case of trusting the individual, sometimes it comes to the hygienic standards of different cultures, too. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) have admitted to the challenges of raising the hygiene standards in different cultures across the globe.

In the end, it is really up to you. Are you willing to put your faith in a stranger by allowing them to handle your food? Uber drivers don’t need to go through extensive Food Handling Health and Safety courses but Domino’s pizza delivery crew and anyone that works in the sales of food and beverage do.

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The best option is definitely just to prepare your own food and do your own cleaning, at least if you want to be really safe, especially during a global virus pandemic.

Have you or will you use Uber Eats to order your food during the coronavirus pandemic? Let us know in the comments below.

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