Spanish property: a brief overview


Over the past years, more and more foreign investors have chosen property, Spain, for investment. There are a number of reasons for this, including the following:

  • variety of options available;
  • reasonable prices compared to other European countries;
  • attractive nature and climate;
  • many properties are located near sea coasts;
  • developed urban infrastructure and transport system;
  • rich historical and cultural heritage;
  • encouraging foreign investment in real estate by the Spanish government, etc.

The Spanish real estate market has fluctuated over the years under the influence of political and economic factors. The 2019-2021 pandemic caused great damage to this market. After the pandemic, there was a significant increase in demand for property in almost all regions of the country.

Property investment concepts
Spanish property: a brief overview

For fans of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, real estate in large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia is attractive. There are greater opportunities for employment, education and medical services, bustling cityscapes, many theaters and museums, and architectural masterpieces are always available.

In rural areas you can buy a luxury home in a Mediterranean or traditional Spanish style for a very reasonable price. Peace and privacy, healthy food and participation in national festivals and holidays will be guaranteed here. And property in Spain, located on one of the sunny coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, is indispensable for lovers of beach holidays, hot climate and beautiful seascapes.

Variety of Choices

Property is represented by properties both on the secondary market and new buildings. Housing in houses with history may not always meet modern requirements for the quality of amenities, but it has its own appeal, an incomparable “Spanish spirit” that can become an argument for purchase.

Excited young woman is packing things. Spanish girl moves to new house. Real estate purchase.
Spanish property: a brief overview

New houses and apartments in Spain are being built at a rapid pace due to ever-increasing demand. Large residential complexes with different types of apartments are being built in all cities. Moreover, today studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments are practically not built, since most clients prefer spacious housing with the ability to provide each family member with a separate room, and several more living quarters for guests.

 For those who prefer to live separately, without neighbors, on the outskirts of large cities and resort towns located on the sea coasts, different types of houses, such as chalets, bungalows, and villas, are being built. Townhouses are very popular today – residential complexes with houses of the same type, united by one common wall and roof. Such options provide buyers with privacy combined with a relatively low price.

Property, Spain, is represented on the market not only by residential, but also by a large number of commercial properties. Since the service sector is developing rapidly in the country, and the number of foreign tourists amounts to tens of millions of people per year, there is a great demand for hotel facilities, food industries, tourism, entertainment, etc. This is especially true for large cities and seaside resorts.

Sunset in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
Spanish property: a brief overview

The government of the country comprehensively encourages foreign investment in property. An example is the Golden Visa program for citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union. When investing an amount equal to or exceeding €500,000 in Spanish real estate, a foreigner receives a number of benefits when moving to Spain.

Also in the country, a mortgage system is widely used, when the buyer is given the opportunity to contribute 20-40% of the price of the property when purchasing real estate, and the rest will be repaid over 20-40 years, which expands the client’s options for purchasing the property he likes.

Regardless of the purpose for which you are considering property, Spain: for rent for a season, for purchase and permanent residence, or for a profitable investment, your interest will definitely be satisfied and you will be able to make your dream come true. This favorable investment climate also offers great prospects for those involved in wholesale real estate, allowing for strategic acquisition and turnover of properties in a welcoming market.

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