The Ultimate Buying Guide for Crossbody Bags in 2024!


These days we all know what crossbody bags are, they’re a great staple in women’s fashion and they are a unique blend of fashion, and functionality and allow women to go around town hands-free! 

If you haven’t already splurged on a designer crossbody bag, you should. But first, let’s make the case for why designer is a great option and take you through all the information you will need to keep in mind before you make the purchase. 

Choose Designer if You Can!

When you want to invest in your future, fashion, and yourself nothing beats a designer bag. They’re one of a kind, made to last with high-quality materials and fixtures, and are often handmade too. From well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci, a designer bag would be a great addition to your daily style!  

Understand Materials

The next decision is the choice of material and the construction of the bag, as this is what impacts its durability and look. Some common materials include:

Woman with Black Leather Crossbody Fanny Pack Bag
The Ultimate Buying Guide for Crossbody Bags in 2024!

Leather: this is the most popular material as it is durable and timeless looking with a patina that ages naturally over time. There are different types of leather to choose from within this material option. 

Canvas: a sturdy and light material often used for more casual crossbody bags and gives a very relaxed look for daily wear. 

Nylon: these are less common in luxury designs, but they are light, water-resistant, and durable. 

Synthetics: materials such as fake leather and vegan leather used in some designer stores that focus on environmentally conscious choices.  

Choose The Right Options

Now, because designer bags are such an investment, here are some factors you should keep in mind: 

Size: Consider how many items you usually carry, and consider cleaning out your old bag before deciding. After all, you don’t need that old receipt or that old tissue. 

Style: Think about your style and the occasions you prefer to use the bag on. Do you need something more casual; do you want something more glamorous? By knowing this you can make a purchase you won’t regret. 

African woman in winter
The Ultimate Buying Guide for Crossbody Bags in 2024!

Material: This is as we stated above.

Color: If you want a bag to have a high resale value opt for neutral colours, if you want something a little more out there and limited edition, unique colours are a great option. 

Budget: Your budget is what will determine the cost of the bag and the tier of designer you go for, if you don’t have the budget right now, saving up is a great idea! 

From the above, it’s clear that women’s crossbody bags and shoulder bags are a great designer investment in the long term. If you’re tossing up brands, we highly recommend Louis Vuitton as our top choice for style, quality, and enduring fashion! 

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