The Ultimate Buying Guide For Luxury Men’s Wallets


If you’re looking to replace your own men’s wallet, or you want to gift one, you may be wondering if a luxury choice is entirely worth it. If you want the rundown on everything you need to know about luxury men’s wallets and if it’ll work for you, read on. 

Why Do People Buy Luxury Wallets? 

Luxury wallets are, of course, an investment, and when considering investments in accessories, the most important thing to consider is the cost per wear. This is essentially how much it costs you to wear the item, so if you have a wallet for twenty years, the higher cost becomes worth it when you consider how long it lasts.  It’s this lasting power, along with brand prestige that makes people want to buy luxury wallets more readily. 

What To Consider When Making A Purchase

Before you make a purchase, there are some things to consider, especially when purchasing an investment piece. 

Think Of Budget

Luxury brands are actually very varied in terms of price. Sure, everything might seem more pricy than a store-bought wallet, but within the luxury, range prices vary. This is why you need to set and stick to a specific budget when shopping. Here, it’s best to start by looking at what you can save up for, or what you can afford now, and sticking to this amount. 

Think of Functionality

Before you get carried away by all the options on the market, remember that a wallet is ultimately a functional tool. It needs to be placed in a pocket or bag easily and be secure enough to not fall open if dropped. 

Choose The Right Brand 

If you think about it, men often buy a wallet because of the prestige a brand logo has. But beyond this, you need to make sure you align your personal style and budget with the brand you choose. 

Do you want something easily identifiable, like the double G on a Gucci bag, or do you want something more street style, like the wallets from Louis Vuitton Australia. 

Once you know what look you want, it’s vital to remember that not all brands are created equal. Some have superior wallet makes and styles, while others pride themselves in much more thick and more durable leather.  As long as you don’t forget to look into the brand, its resale value and the overall reviews of the brand itself, you won’t go wrong. 

Businessman in suit cleaning money wallet by wet wipes tissue
The Ultimate Buying Guide For Luxury Men’s Wallets

It’s important to note that some brands also offer in-house repairs for their own bags and wallets, so be on the lookout for this option.

Choose Something Long Lasting 

Durability is something that should inherently come with a luxury price tag. But this is not always the case. More durable materials do come with a higher price tag, and in the luxury world, this means real leather. 

Although you may think you’re being more sustainable by opting for vegan or fake leather, the reality is that these materials break down faster, and you just can’t beat the lasting power and ease of maintenance that comes with real leather. 

Remember, investing in one leather wallet for the next twenty years is also a sustainable option. 

Choose The Right Design

You may think there’s just one style of wallet out there, but there’s more than you think. In the case of choosing a design for a wallet, you need to know what functionality you need. Do you need just space for your cards? Maybe a card wallet is enough. If you need a lot of cards, cash and paper held in your wallet, a trifold is a good idea. 

No matter what style of wallet you get, remember that some will be bulkier in your pocket than others, so consider if the wallet will easily fit in your wallet or bag. 

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