The Ultimate Guide to Top Australian Watch Brands


The top Australian watch companies have arrived. They are packing some real heat, so watch out Switzerland, Japan, and Germany! Today, Australian watches are a modern example of Australian-made goods that, among other things, capture the ongoing love affair our continent has with design and function.

The finest Australian-made watches for men emphasize both style and durability. These watches are prepared for every kind of activity in any environment, just like a real Aussie with the world at his fingertips. The phrase “Made in Australia” has boldly joined the global arena, and the industry is undoubtedly paying attention.

When you are ready to make that purchase online after relaxing playing the pokies, keep an eye out for these top Australian watch brands.

1. Melbourne Watch Company

Top Australian watchmaker Melbourne Watch Company, also known as MWC, sells watches that are elegant, accurate, strong, and simply stunning. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the company has seen rapid growth since launching its first watch, the Flinders, with the aid of crowdfunding in 2013.

Steel wristwatch on black background
The Ultimate Guide to Top Australian Watch Brands

Simply put, these are timepieces that Australians should be genuinely proud to wear. Each is manufactured with premium components like scratch-resistant crystal sapphire and high-grade 316L stainless steel and is named after a well-known Melbourne location. Japanese movement can be found under the hood of each watch.

Add all of it to excellent designs and a reasonably affordable price, and you have a strong contender with appeal on a global scale. The Melbourne Watch Company is already legendary thanks to its Portsea chronometer.

2. Bausele

Christophe Hoppe, an entrepreneur with a distinguished background in Swiss watchmaking who most recently served as CFO of Universo (a member of the Swatch Group), a well-known manufacturer of watch hands listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange, created Bausele in 2011.

Bausele is an acronym for BEyond AUStralian ELEments, possibly in reference to its claim to be the first Australian prestige watch company with technology made in Switzerland.

However, the most distinctive feature of  Bausele is that every item contains a real piece of Australia in its crown. It might be coal from Newcastle, an Opal from Coober Pedy, or Bondi Beach sand. His watches were always going to be Swiss-made, given his background. However, Australian design got to dominate, and Bausele was consequently born.

3. Rebelde

Nicholas Hacko, a watchmaker from Sydney, may run the so-called “smallest watch brand in the world,” but that doesn’t mean he can’t be among the best. His motivations are competitive and intended to challenge, if not disprove, perceptions of superiority held by foreign brands.

Man checking time on his wrist watch.
The Ultimate Guide to Top Australian Watch Brands

However, despite using a Swiss-made mechanism and ostensibly imported materials like titanium, surgical grade stainless steel, or solid gold, Rebelde watches are designed, put together, and adjusted in Australia, as evidenced by the etching on the caseback.

Each timepiece is incredibly sturdy and stylish, and Hacko is willing to comply if they need a tune-up. Rebelde has a large and devoted following among collectors thanks to its dedication to quality and service. In addition, you can tell Hacko’s watches are unique just by taking a glance at them.

4. Creux Automatiq

The skilled musician and jeweler Dane Rumble started the Australian watch company Creux Automatiq with the goal of creating modern timepieces that were hip and contemporary.

The Ghost Watch is one such daring creation from Creux Automatiq. It’s an exceptional piece, with a skeletonized date wheel on the dial. The brand’s other models draw inspiration from high-end automobiles and contemporary architecture.

Its beveled shape and eclipse crown guards are characteristics of the Diamond Back Series (DBII). A metal bracelet modeled after the Diamondback Rattlesnake, one of the world’s most ferocious desert predators, completes the timepieces.

5. ADINA Watches

Based in Brisbane. ADINA Watches is one of Australia’s oldest watch companies. It was established in 1971 by Bob Menzies, the company’s current Managing Director. Grant Menzies, Bob’s son, co-owns and co-runs the business as General Manager, and the old-fashioned, family-run vibe of ADINA is ideal for a watch and clock manufacturer.

To create a watch that could withstand the demands of the Australian lifestyle, Bob founded ADINA. Farmers and other Australian workers lean strongly toward them because of their reputation for solid craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted in their Brisbane workshop, and every year, they make more than 40,000 watches. ADINA offers a variety of watch designs to fit any lifestyle and price range. Their entry-level timepieces are all handcrafted.


JDRT was founded at Bondi Beach by Joel Davis and Rhys Thomas, who gave the company its name. Although JDRT is an Australian watch brand, its timepieces feature Japanese Miyota movements. However, what distinguishes this business from others is its customization options.

Customers can create their own watch on the website by choosing from a selection of five distinct watch faces as well as 18 different colors.

If all that looks like too much work, you can pick from some of JDRT’s watch designs. Many of these have relatively basic dials, giving watches like the company’s Bondi Rose collection a remarkably contemporary appearance.


Today’s Australian watch brands have shown they can compete on the global market and are capable of creating stylish, wearable watches that will undoubtedly become timeless pieces in the years to come.

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