Snow White is black in this very cringe-worthy children’s play


The classic tale told by two German brothers, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, has been turned into a sociopolitical play starring a woman of colour, and it is terribly cringey.

The lovable children’s story about a beautiful princess and 7 strange dwarfs — to some — is more than just fairytale; it’s problematic and racist rhetoric and an example of how white supremacy is being spoon fed to our children.

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This Grimm’s brothers tale in particular has come under a lot of fire by ‘modern progressives’ in recent years. Kristen Bell even voiced concerns that the cartoon was sending out the wrong message to today’s youth. “You cannot kiss someone when they are sleeping,” the 39-year-old actress told Parents Magazine.

Her comments brought forth a conversation about the patriarchy and rape culture and eventually racism. Collin Dodds, a middle-aged white male editor working at WaPo even went as far as to boycotting it and declaring it ‘dated and sexist.’ But is Snow White also racist?

“The prettiest girl in all the land is the whitest, that’s plain racism,” a concerned reader responded.

While some share their outrage online, others have found a more creative way of dealing with the ‘problematic’ story of Snow White.

Greg Banks originally adapted his own version of the classic fairytale in 2018. This time ‘Snow White is black and snubs the patriarchy.’

Is Snow White racist?

Snow White racist? She’s now black in this very cringe-worthy children’s play

Albeit only a two actor piece, the casting instruction specifically demand that the role of Snow White be played by a woman of colour strictly and purposefully going against the creator’s own description of the character: “with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.”

Greg Banks’ play was picked up by children theatres all over the U.S. and, by popular demand, is still playing today.

Cringe Panda black Snow White

YouTuber Cringe Panda confused by black Snow White children’s play.

This adaptation of Snow White is currently playing in the hometown of this young conservative YouTuber Barbara Jobriath. Despite her, what some consider, controversial takes Barbara’s YouTube channel Cringe Panda is taking off. In just one month the aspiring actress has earned over 3000 subscribers on YouTube and 500 followers on Twitter.

Cringe Panda posted an image of herself standing besides the poster for Greg Banks’ Snow White play that is to be directed by Desdemona Chiang.

Who is Desdemona Chiang?

Desdemona Chiang is a Chinese-American theatre director of Chinese descent, and co-artistic director of Azeotrope in Seattle, WA. Her directing credits include the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Seattle Repertory Theatre, California Shakespeare Theater, Playmakers Repertory Company, and ACT Theatre.

Desdemona Chiang director

Bernie Sanders supporter Desdemona Chiang behind black Snow White play.

She’s also far-left ‘progressive’ and a Bernie Sanders supporter. She previously worked on an Anti-Trump play called ‘Building The Wall’ by Tony Award winning playwright Robert Schenkkan. It is a play about the ‘consequences of the incendiary racial rhetoric of the the Republican president, Donald Trump.’

“For me this production is a personal love letter to the young women in my life, especially those who are at an age where they are learning about the world, their place in it, and their relationships with other people,” said Desdemona Chiang, Director of Snow White. “It is important that young people see someone taking charge of their own story and what comes of that is not only technically masterful, but inspiring for audiences of all ages.”

Snow White tries to be political but is just cringe

According to the Seattle Children’s Theatre this version of Snow White is in ‘high demand’ so it must be good right?

Judging by one of the first videos of the play uploaded by the creator it is terribly cringey. It is nothing more than terrible slapstick comedy featuring a stupid sexist prince, racist mirror, and an empowered woman of colour… and it is about how bad white men are, but it does feature the occasional Fortnite dance to make the kids laugh.

I don’t know about you, but to me it looks exactly like something Tobias Funke (played by comedian David Cross) would put together in Arrested Development.

If live in Seattle and are interested in catching the play, you can buy tickets directly from the Seattle Children’s Theatre website.

Is Snow White racist and does she need to be changed to a woman of colour? Let us know in the comments below.

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