Top Ideas for Wedding Jackets


As the wedding season approaches, what are you doing to prepare? Bridal and wedding jackets are trending right now. Here’s our top picks!

You may get a wide variety of evening jackets and winter coats that are both stunning and revealing for your wedding day. These coats are versatile enough to be worn both on the big day and afterward. You can also wear them on your honeymoon without looking out of place.

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Wedding jackets are in style. A lot of brides-to-be are opting for jackets for their bridal parties, bachelorette parties, and even to wear at the end of the night at their wedding. Of course, some of these jackets will make their way to the honeymoon, too.

If you’re considering one of these jackets for your wedding, the following are the top ideas for wedding jackets going into 2023.

What are bridal jackets?

Bridal jackets are not as well-known as other trends. If you’ve never heard of one of these jackets, they’re often personalized jackets that have lettering on the back, such as:

  • Just married
  • Wifey
  • Bride 

Many brides opt for jean jackets because they’re timeless and easy to personalize. Every bride has their own design taste that they need to consider when choosing a jacket. Some brides will love putting something like “bride or wifey” on the back, but others will put “MRS” and their new last name on the jacket.

When selecting a jacket, you can be as quirky and daring as you want.

Most women wait a lifetime to find the type of love that you’re experiencing, so why not go all out and wear something that you truly want? A jacket certainly fits the bill and will be something that you can wear before, during, and long after you say, “I do.”

The top wedding jackets for 2023

If you’re considering a bridal jacket for your wedding, the following are great options:

1. Wifey Beaded jacket

Dresses with jackets to wear to a wedding are difficult to find because a lot of jackets do not match the dress. After all, brides go all out to find a dress that is worthy of a princess, and a lot of jackets simply do not do the dress justice.

Wifey beaded wedding jacket.
Wifey beaded wedding jacket.

However, beaded jackets are a popular choice because they include:

  • Beautiful jackets, often denim
  • Lettering on the back
  • Beads on the top

Rhinestones or other beads on the top of the jacket are used to provide the fancy, upscale look that every bride deserves.

2. Personalized kids denim jacket

Perhaps as a bride, jackets to wear to a wedding aren’t something you want to dive into. After all, it takes the right look to pull off one of these jackets. Instead, you might want to consider a kids denim jacket for the occasion.

A flower girl with a cute denim jacket will add some flare to your wedding and be remembered for years to come.

If you have a newborn, you’ll also find a plethora of adorable options for infants that are sure to make every attendee’s heart melt.

3. Just Married jacket

Some brides will have “just married” attached to the back of their cars or limos as they leave the wedding venue and wave goodbye to their friends and family. However, some brides want to let the world know that they were just married and will wear denim jackets:

  • The week after the wedding
  • During their honeymoons

Of course, there are also options to wear “bride-to-be” jackets before the wedding. After all, if you only plan to be married once, why not take the time to bask in the day for just a little longer?

4. Cropped denim

Wearing a cropped denim jacket during your wedding is fine – it is your big day. However, a lot of brides like to wear cropped denim jackets during their bachelorette parties or to have them for their bridal parties.

Party is impossible without champagne!
Fun fact: Bachelorette parties are called ‘hen’s night’ in Australia.

Depending on the designer, these jackets may or may not come with fringes. However, one thing is for sure: they do show your midriff. Beautiful and stylish, these jackets are a major hit with younger brides who don’t mind “flaunting it.” 

5. Fringe jackets

Finally, fringe jackets are also an option and will allow you to wear a stylish jacket that doesn’t show off your midriff. These jackets are similar to the other options on our list and include fringes that hang down and lettering on the back.

In conclusion

Whether you need evening jackets for wedding or jackets for winter wedding, there are many options available that will look beautiful and show off your sassy side. These jackets can be worn on the big day or even afterward. They’re also perfect to wear during your honeymoon.

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