Top Shopping Hacks For Fashion Lovers


Depending on who you ask, loving shopping and loving fashion are either branches on the same tree or mutually exclusive. Or, maybe it depends when you ask them. While no one is denying the thrill of buying a new outfit, almost everyone—at some point—has bemoaned the process of buying that outfit. Indeed, nothing can spoil the mood quite like a negative—or simply, disappointing—shopping experience. 

If you’re someone who loves fashion but dreads shopping, don’t worry. There are many simple and effective ‘hacks’ to get the most from your shopping, such as taking advantage of special online offers. And when you can earn Qantas Points by shopping at a leading tastemaker such as Myer, there’s no reason why shopping can’t be a joyous activity, every time. Still need convincing? Here is a brief but helpful guide to top shopping hacks for fashion lovers.

Consider Staples Instead of Styles

Regardless of whether you’re shopping in-person or online, it’s always important to think about how often you’ll wear the item—or items—of clothing you’re thinking of buying. Yes, it’s fine to feel smitten with the latest dress or jacket trend; it’s equally fine, though, to ask yourself how often you’re likely to wear that piece? Unless you have the disposable income to buy something for a single season—or worse, a single holiday—and then discard it, you want to buy clothes and accessories you can pair with many different ensembles. 

Stylish woman with jacket on beach
Top Shopping Hacks For Fashion Lovers

No, we don’t mean you should only ever shop for staple pieces. Rather, we simply suggest that you give a little thought to how much use you’ll get from that single-breasted leather trench coat.   

Shop With Your Essentials

Yes, you read that right. With your essentials. Unless you’re shopping for a stand-alone outfit, the items you’re looking at will need to exist in some kind of harmony with the items that are already a part of your wardrobe. And if you’re going to the store to try things on, what better time for an early introduction? By taking along items such as your favourite scarf, belt, and pair of shoes with you to the change room, you’ll be able to get a strong sense of how a new piece will fit in your wardrobe puzzle.  

Don’t Give In To Impulse

There’s nothing quite so intoxicating for the ego than standing before a mirror and feeling that yes, this skirt was made especially for me. Especially when the sales assistant is standing right next to you, eerily voicing your actual thoughts. That said, if you can, resist the urge to buy the item immediately. 

Instead, go for a walk, check out some other stores. Have lunch. Just give yourself a moment to let the excitement settle. This hack is less about saving you money and more about trusting your gut. When you return to the store, see how you feel. If the buzz is still there, you’re probably onto a winner. 

Travel Without A Passport

This is a great hack if you’re the type of online fashion lover who likes to think a season or two ahead all the time. It’s a simple one, too; whatever season you’re currently living in, somewhere in the world people are living in the opposite season. Summer reflects winter, much as autumn reflects spring. Which means that if you’re still wrapping yourself in layers before leaving the house but your imagination is already laying their towel down at the beach, start exploring stores in the other hemisphere. Particularly when the season is coming to a close, as more often than not there will be sales. Just beware of international shipping costs, as nothing can derail a shrewd purchase quicker than paying a small fortune to have it delivered.

Remember Your Budget 

It’s a boring hack, but only because it has stood the test of time. By setting yourself a budget, you give yourself the best chance of avoiding spending more than you want. Or can. As strange as it might sound, no matter how incredible you feel when you wear that new pair of jeans, if they come at the cost of something essential in your life, that feeling will soon wear thin.  

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Top Shopping Hacks For Fashion Lovers

While a budget on its own is rigid, having a budget can actually unlock your imagination. Think of yourself as a creative in an agency who’s just received a tight brief from a client; there are ways to sparkle and shine, if you think outside the box. Having a hard limit of how much you can spend is often the challenge you need to find pieces you’ll truly cherish.       

The nature of hacks is that there are no rules, and what works for one fashion lover mightn’t work for another. They’re all worth considering, though, if you want to get the most from your shopping adventures. The trick is to keep an open mind, and be ready to spring into action when an opportunity presents itself. That way, the perfect outfit might land in your lap, before you’ve had a chance to blink.  

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