Trendy accessories for this summer


Summertime is great for showing off your style with the trendiest accessories. This summer, sunglasses are making a big splash in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s personality and fashion. From classic aviator glasses to sophisticated Versace shades, there is something for everyone this season. 

History of Sunglasses 

Sunglasses have been around since ancient times when Roman and Chinese emperors wore them to protect their eyes from the sun’s glare. In the late 18th century, James Ayscough began experimenting with tinted lenses in spectacles, which marked the beginning of modern sunglasses. Over the centuries, sunglasses have evolved from eye protection into an important fashion accessory. 

Functionality of Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories; they protect your eyes from UV rays exposure. With a pair of UV-protected lenses, you can decrease the problem of developing certain eye diseases caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. 

Different Styles: Aviator Glasses, Retro Square Frames, Wayfarers, Cat Eyes, Oversized Shades and Versace Glasses

Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes. From classic aviator glasses to sophisticated Versace shades, the sunglasses you choose should reflect your personality and fashion sense. Retro square frames offer a bold look, while Wayfarers are timelessly stylish and perfect for any occasion. Cat Eyes give a retro-inspired vibe, while Oversized Shades make a dramatic statement. No matter what style you choose, pick high-quality sunglasses with UV protection to ensure optimum eye health. 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pair 

First and foremost, make sure your sunglasses provide adequate UV protection. With so many styles available, choose a pair that complements your face shape and enhances your flair. Consider the colour and material of the frames; look for dark shades to reduce glare, and opt for metal or plastic materials depending on your lifestyle. Most importantly, pick a pair of sunglasses you can wear daily!

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Trendy accessories for this summer

Don’t be fooled by expensive designer brands when it comes to price. While you want to ensure your sunglasses are made from high-quality materials, you don’t have to break the bank to find a great pair of shades. If you keep these tips in mind, you can pick out the perfect pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and look fashionable.

How to Care for Your Sunglasses

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pair of sunglasses, it’s important to take proper care and maintenance to ensure they last longer. Store your sunglasses in a protective case when they’re not worn, and avoid scratching them or exposing them to heat or direct sunlight. Clean them daily with a microfiber cloth and mild cleansers to keep them smudge-free, and use lens wipes for the lenses only. Don’t forget to check your sunglasses regularly for any signs of damage or wear, such as cracks, loose screws, or fading colours. These simple tips will help you keep your sunglasses in the best condition possible for years to come. 

Different Styles of Sunglasses 

Aviator glasses are always in style if you want a statement-making pair of shades. Pilots in the 1930s popularized this classic design, seen on everyone from Hollywood stars to politicians. For a bolder look, Versace glasses will turn heads with their bright colours and unique shapes. Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated or daringly different, there are plenty of styles to choose from that will accentuate your features and express your personality. 

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

Aside from making a fashion statement and protecting your eyes, wearing sunglasses has many other benefits. They improve visibility in bright environments, reduce glare from reflective surfaces, and help you see better in the dark. Wearing sunglasses also helps prevent headaches caused by eyestrain and squinting in bright light, reduces the risk of cataracts, and may even reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why sunglasses are such a popular accessory! 

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses

With so many styles and brands of sunglasses to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect pair. To help narrow down your choices, first consider face shape and size. For example, square-shaped faces look best with round or oval frames, while angular frames complement round faces. In addition to considering shape, think about colour; try to match the frame hue with the colour palette of your clothing for a cohesive look. Finally, check for UV protection labels to protect your eyes. You’ll surely find the perfect pair of sunglasses with the right style, functionality, and UV protection! 


Whether you’re looking for a classic aviator style or something more daring, there are plenty of options regarding sunglasses. Not only do they make an awesome fashion statement, but they can also help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Trendy accessories for this summer

When shopping for sunglasses, consider face shape and size, choose frames that complement your clothing colour palette, and ensure they have adequate UV protection. With this comprehensive guide to sunglasses, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair for your unique style and needs! 

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