Why Sam and Colby Will Never Return to The Conjuring House


After dedicating a whole two years to unraveling the mysteries of this haunted locale, here’s why Sam and Colby should never return to The Conjuring House.

The enigmatic duo of Sam Golbach and Colby Brock has always flirted with the unknown, seeking to uncover the mysteries shrouded in the dark corners of the eerie and the abandoned. Their venture into the realm of ghost hunting began in the quiet town of Kansas, a journey that led them to the bustling city of Los Angeles. With no formal training in paranormal investigation, their audacity and curiosity took them to haunted spots across the United States (and the rest of the world), marking the birth of a ghost-hunting saga that has captured the imagination of millions. Their YouTube channel, with a remarkable 10 million subscribers, is a testament to their popularity and the eerie allure they hold for their followers​​.

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Their camaraderie is not just skin deep; it was fortified through the crucible of life’s harsh realities, especially when Colby was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 26. The harsh reality of cancer showcased the unwavering friendship between the duo, with Sam standing firmly by Colby’s side. Colby’s battle and subsequent triumph over cancer were shared with their followers, marking a poignant chapter in their adventurous narrative​​.

Sam helps Colby with cold capping
Why Sam and Colby Will Never Return to The Conjuring House

Among the myriad of haunted locales they ventured into, The Conjuring House stood out for its eerie charm and the chilling lore that surrounded it. Their initial visits to the house were nothing short of hair-raising, with each expedition uncovering a new layer of the house’s dark history. The whispering walls of the ancient dwelling narrated tales of the unknown, making their visits a chilling spectacle for their audience.

As their popularity soared, so did their courage. They embarked on a week-long sojourn in The Conjuring House to celebrate the astounding milestone of 10 million YouTube subscribers. This expedition wasn’t a lone venture; they were accompanied by guests like Bella Poarch, adding a refreshing dynamic to their usual duo. The week was filled with both terror and laughter, as they delved deeper into the mysteries of the house while also celebrating their monumental achievement with their guests and followers.

Bella Poarch with the XPLR team
Why Sam and Colby Will Never Return to The Conjuring House

Their last visit was dubbed as a beautiful conclusion to the eerie narrative they had crafted around The Conjuring House. The week-long stay was a roller-coaster of emotions and discoveries that left Sam, Colby, and their ardent followers with memories etched in time. The finality of this visit was palpable; they had explored every nook and cranny, and unearthed every mystery the house held within its ancient walls.

The significance of this last visit was more profound than just a ghostly adventure; it was an exploration of the themes of love and respect for history. The duo shed light on how the perception of the house as merely a haunted relic was damaging its rich historical essence. Their final message resonated with the essence of love, urging the audience to look beyond the eerie tales and appreciate the historical significance of such places.

Returning to The Conjuring House would now seem like an attempt to rekindle an already perfect ending. The story they crafted, filled with eerie adventures, camaraderie, and the profound message of love and respect towards history, found its beautiful conclusion. There’s a certain poetic justice in leaving the story at a point where they, along with their audience, found closure.

Sam and Colby’s journey from Kansas to The Conjuring House is a saga of friendship, adventure, and the undying quest for the unknown. Their story reflects the essence of youth, a fearless endeavor into the unknown, and the beautiful memories crafted along the way. The duo, with their indomitable spirit, have not just explored the haunted, but they have also discovered the profound essence of life, love, and friendship.

Sam and Colby
Why Sam and Colby Will Never Return to The Conjuring House

Their adieu to The Conjuring House opened up new avenues of exploration, each holding the promise of more eerie adventures. The legacy of their exploration at The Conjuring House will linger, a tale of ghostly adventures intertwined with profound life lessons. While The Conjuring House chapter might have concluded, the book of Sam and Colby’s eerie explorations is far from over.

The narrative of why Sam and Colby will never return to The Conjuring House is intertwined with their quest for the unknown, their enduring friendship, and the beautiful narrative they crafted around the eerie and the profound. It’s a tale that goes beyond ghostly whispers, delving into the essence of life, friendship, and the respect for the unknown, leaving their followers with memories and lessons that extend beyond the haunted walls of The Conjuring House.

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