Amber Heard injuries look like Botox and filler bruises says doctor


Amber Heard’s alleged abuse injuries look more like Botox and lip filler bruises and scabs a doctor confirms.

“That’s exactly what it looks like!” A doctor based in Los Angeles, California, responds to claims that Amber Heard’s injuries are merely scabs and bruises from Botox and Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen lip fillers.


We reached out to a Los Angeles based doctor to confirm whether Amber Heard’s alleged abuse injuries could in fact be from Botox and other forms of beauty treatment and what he had to say won’t surprise you at all!

During an explosive interview with Popcorned Planet, Amber Heard’s neighour, Ami Goodheart, said she believed that the little bruise and slight swelling by Amber Heard’s eye could have been from a Botox treatment.

Botox injections are most known for their ability to smooth out face wrinkles and are frequently used by celebrities and influencers to conceal the signs of ageing.

Amber Heard injury
Amber Heard alleged injury just Botox and lip filler?

Although not confirmed, it was speculated that Amber Heard would make frequent appointments with her physician to get Botox injections and lip fillers.

Amber Heard’s legal counsel filed a photo of the c-list actress with a minor bruise beneath her eye, some redness, and what looks to be a small sore on her lip as evidence of abuse in Johnny Depp’s defamation suit.

However, neither Heard nor her legal team were able to establish the location or time of the photo’s capture due to the purported loss of the original. Additionally, it was confirmed that the version of the photo published in The Sun was digitally altered to accentuate the injuries.

A few keen-eyed observers, including Amber Heard’s very own neighbour from the Eastern Columbia Building in New York City, believe the little marks and bruises to be from nothing more than beauty treatment.

Amber Hear so-called "abuse evidence"
Amber Heard so-called “abuse evidence” appear from a lip filler.

A doctor in Los Angeles has since examined these photographs in light of this new notion and determined that the marks resemble those of someone who has just received Botox injections and lip fillers.

“Although I cannot confirm that Ms Heard had injections, from my own experience I can confidently state that these marks are clearly from Botulinum toxin injections and possibly other fillers,” he said.

Beauty blogger explains botox bruising.
Beauty blogger explains Botox bruising.

He added: “Most of these photos seem to show the bruises in the same two or three areas of her face: the orbicularis Oculi muscle, quadratus Labii Superioris muscle and, of course, the lip. These are the three most common places for injections and fillers.”

“While bruising from Botulinum toxic injections is rare it certainly can happen, but most of these photos just show a bid of redness around the areas where she may have had injections which is very common and usually resolves within hours, which could be the reason nobody saw her injuries.”

Beauty blogger Perfect Little Sunday wrote an article entitled “How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bruising after Fillers” where she details a method to get rid of the bruising fast. However, in Heard’s case there’s very little bruising and it is mostly just redness which is very common.

Bruising 2 days after lip filler.
Bruising 2 days after lip filler looks like Amber Heard injury.

As for the lip scab, according the Cleveland Clinic, it is most likely a cold sore — a form of STI — that is the result from her recent lip injection.

Their website states that a person is at the greatest risk of developing a cold sore from a lip enhancement procedure one to two days after injection.

Considering that Amber Heard was seen sneaking into Depp’s New York City penthouse apartment with James Franco at the time these photos were alleged to be taken, it just might be herpes.

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