Amber Heard offered millions to star in X-rated movie by Zen Models


Zen Models, an adult model agency, is willing to pay off Amber Heard’s debts with a USD$9 million dollar contract if she stars in an X-rated adult film.

News has broken that an adult entertainment business is interested in hiring the actress to star in a sexy X-rated movie. Her obligation to Johnny Depp and a donation to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles will be covered by the deal from Zen Models, which is reportedly worth USD$9 million.

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything juicy about Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. But now, news is breaking that the actress has been offered a lucrative contract by an adult entertainment company, Zen Models, to star in an X-rated movie. The contract is said to be worth USD$8 million, which would cover her debt to Depp and include an additional USD$1 million donation to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Amber Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, allegedly received a letter from the President of Zen Model Management, Veronica Madjarian, offering to cover her debt to Johnny Depp if she appeared in a single X-rated film.

The contract is real.

The letter reads: “Zen Models is an adult modeling agency and production company. We’ve been in contact with a group of adult film production companies that are interested in offering Ms Heard a contract to perform in an adult entertainment video production.”

The offer is for USD$8 million for a role in an adult entertainment video and additional USD$1 million towards her unfulfilled pledge to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

The value of the contract appears to barely cover Amber Heard’s debt to her ex-husband Johnny Depp, and it also indirectly indicates her inability to honour her vow to CHLA. Zen Models’ president, Veronica Madarian, and model, Amber Moore, published a video to bolster the legitimacy of their offer.

“ was created to empower men and women in the adult entertainment industry,” Ms Moore states.

“We’ve decided to offer Amber Heard a possible solution to some of her problems,” the company’s president asserted prior to reading the proposal aloud.

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Amber Heard offered millions for X-rated adult movie.

“This video [the X-rated video] would be created to empower Amber has a progressive that embraces her own sexuality. There are several award-winning female directors that would create a script to portray Amber and empower the light of female sexuality.”

The president of Zen Models explains that the agency has effectively launched the careers of many aspiring adult entertainers who have since appeared in over 2,000 adult entertainment video projects.

Empower women as a progressive.

Ms Moore continued: “We feel that men and women in the adult modeling industry, as well as the whole industry, has been depicted in a very negative light. The adult industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry that has worked to create safer environment for performers to work in by standardising and rooting out harassment on set.”

According to the president of the adult model agency, they have been watching the Depp versus Heard defamation trial and believe Amber Heard is a “naive young lady” who was clueless and unprepared for the criticism she got.

Amber Moore, adult model and spokesperson for Zen Models.

“This offer is to allow Amber to pay off her debt on the presumption that she does not prevail with her appeal and take some time away from the negative press that is taking away any notion of living a peaceful life with her new family,” Ms Moore concludes.

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An unverified OF account that appears to be connected to Amber Heard was discovered by internet sleuths.

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Amber Heard allegedly had a secret OnlyFans account.

While Newsweek believes that the alleged account is not in any way associated with hers, the Aquaman actress’s detractors found it suspicious that Travis Scott’s official account was the only one subscribed at the ridiculous fee of USD$6 million.

With unsubstantiated allegations of Amber Heard approaching bankruptcy, this offer may appear like the c-list celebrity’s saving grace. Amber Heard’s lawyers have yet to comment on the situation.

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