Amouranth soon to be ex-husband Nick Lee kicked out, goes to therapy!


“I’m safe,” Amouranth reveals after kicking her husband, Nick Lee, out until he gets help and goes to therapy.

Kaitlyn Siragusa, who is better known by her online handle Amouranth, recently made a surprise appearance for an unscheduled stream in which she and a girlfriend went out for a night on the town. After hearing her spouse hurl insults at her during her most recent live broadcast, many people were concerned for her safety and wellness; however, she has assuaged their concerns by reassuring them that she is safe today.

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Amouranth unexpectedly showed up for a surprise stream on Tuesday night, and she appeared to be in high spirits. This came as a surprise to many people after witnessing her in tears after being berated by her husband Nick Lee a few nights ago.

Their verbal abuse at the hands of her husband was broadcast live to an audience of tens of thousands, who heard him threaten to spend all of her money and even murder their dogs. The argument reportedly began when Amouranth refused to livestream for 24 hours, as requested by her husband, Nick Lee.

During the aforementioned livestream, Amouranth revealed that her husband calls the shots; he is in control of all her bank accounts and is the reason why she kept her marriage a secret for this long.

Amouranth forced to keep doing OnlyFans by abusive husband Nick Lee
Amouranth crying on phone with husband.

“I wanted to do livestreams with him instead of always fighting with him but he didn’t want to reveal that he was my husband because of the business model,” Amouranth explained.

Later, she displayed her husband Nick Lee’s text exchanges in which he threatened to spend all of her money, delete all of her social media accounts, and send her dogs to the slaughterhouse.

The stream made international headlines and many people grew concerned about Amouranth’s well-being and safety. Her close friend and fellow Twitch streamer Alinity was so concerned she called the police to conduct a wellness check on Kaitlyn.

She has left her husband.

Amouranth, to everyone’s surprise, returned to Twitch for a livestream after a well-earned girls’ night out, and she appeared to be in a happy mood as she sang along to her favourite songs on the Uber journey home.

Amouranth's ex-husband
Amouranth’s husband.

When concerned fans inquired about her living conditions, Amouranth assured that she was safe and in a good place, and even suggested that she’s plans on leaving him and getting a divorce.

“I’m safe,” Amouranth said. “The man-child is gone and not coming back. He’s getting help.”

Amouranth is Nick Lee’s primary source of income

Fans are now extremely worried about Amouranth, as Nick Lee is in total control of her financial situation. Livestream experts estimate that Amouranth’s monthly income from Twitch alone lies somewhere around $400,000. Additionally, she makes approximately $1 Million from streaming on OnlyFans each month which is her main source of income. 33-Year old Nick Lee is heavily relying on Amouranth’s revenues and therefore keeps her in this toxic relationship.

A possible divorce could be very lucrative for Nick Lee, as his wife’s current net worth is estimated at over $25 Million. Previous cases have shown that Nick could end up with a divorce settlement of up to $8 Million despite his unbearable behavior.

It appears like Amouranth’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Nick Lee is urgently attempting to make amends with her, but many individuals believe that it is too little, too late. To say the least, it is evident that their relationship is toxic and that her husband has violent and manipulative tendencies.

Perhaps Nick Lee will remove his name off Amouranth’s assets and relinquish his control and access to her bank accounts and social media to prove that he is willing to change. However, a better option would most likely be getting a lawyer involved and filing for divorce.

Amouranth has returned from her girl’s night and is currently, right now, streaming Overwatch 2 on Twitch to 2,000 live viewers.

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