Aussie YouTuber TwizzFizz tackles Keem & H3H3 drama in hilarious video


Brooke “TwizzFizz” Willis sums up the YouTube drama between two heavy weight content creators Keemstar and Ethan Klein in a laugh-out-loud funny video.

There’s a war raging on the internet between two famous YouTubers; Ethan Klein of H3H3Productions and Daniel “Keemstar” Keem and, as it seems, the only victor is a hilarious Australian YouTuber and comedian from our home city of Brisbane.

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Although the there’s been bad blood between Keemstar and H3H3 for awhile, the YouTube rivalry shifted into 5th gear when Ethan Klein called out Daniel Keem in a “Content Nuke” video.

The 46 minute video, which appears to be a blatant rip-off of iDubbbz’ content cop, digs up some old issues that Ethan Klein believes were never properly addressed. While going through Keem’s old videos Ethan brings up his biggest and longest running sponsor, G-Fuel, and criticised them for associating with him.

“This one went really under the radar, but I find it really disturbing that Keemstar, the day after it happened, was able to get this kid on his show,” Ethan said referring to the kid who phoned in a fake emergency call which resulted in a swatting and the unfortunate death of one man in December, 2017.

Brisbane based Aussie YouTuber and comedian Brooke "TwizzFizz" Willis met Keemstar in Australia.

Brisbane based Aussie YouTuber and comedian Brooke “TwizzFizz” Willis met Keemstar in Australia.

He continued: “Oh, I forgot to mention, the interview with the swat murderer was also brought to you by G-Fuel.”

Despite Ethan Klein’s slanderous comments stating that the energy drink takes “10 years off your life” G-Feul caved to the H3H3Productions host demands and severed ties with Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, ending their long running partnership with him.

Ethan even goes as far as to claiming that Daniel “Keemstar” Keem is, in someway, responsible for the death of a YouTuber known as Etika who tragically took his own life in June of last year.

TwizzFizz impersonates many YouTubers

Aussie YouTuber “TwizzFizz” makes hilarious video explaining the Ethan Klein, Keemstar, and G-Fuel drama.

H3H3Porudctions’ new “Content Nuke” video kicked off a social media war among fans. Fans on both sides were calling for the ‘cancellation’ of the other by sending messages to their sponsors and partners demanding that they cut ties. Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, however, has publicly condemned these actions.

The YouTube drama is a bit convoluted but a Australian, and Brisbane based, YouTuber and comedian has managed to — somehow — sum up the entire drama in one outrageously hilarious video.

VIDEO: Australian YouTuber makes hilarious parody of Ethan Klein and Keem drama.

Brooke “TwizzFizz” Willis’s masterfully edited video is the perfect parody of the drama. She impersonates both Ethan Klein (as Slimy Turd) and Keemstar (as Massive Asshole).

Brooke “TwizzFizz” Willis has been doing comedy skits on YouTube since 2017. It wasn’t until earlier this year that her channel started to explode in popularity, and she now has over 16,000 subscribers.

You can follow Brooke on Twitter, or support her content by pledging to her Patreon for as little as $2.00 a month.

Whose side are you in this YouTube rivalry: Keemstar’s, Ethan Klein’s, or neither? Let us know in the comments below.

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