Ben Affleck caught fondling Jennifer Lopez’s butt on superyacht


Fans joke about “unhappy” Ben Affleck after paparazzi pictures leak of the actor fondling Jennifer Lopez’s (J Lo) butt on superyacht holiday.

As expected, Jennifer Lopez has released a photo of her and ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck on Instagram, marking their reconciliation. When asked about the couple’s alleged relationship, the individuals denied it. However, pictures of Affleck grabbing J Lo’s booty have surfaced.

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Fans in the early 2000s became interested in the 52-year-old actress when they spotted her kissing Ben Affleck on vacation in St. Tropez, France.

During a photo shoot on their luxurious mega-yacht, both members of the “Bennifer” – known for their use of the portmanteau (a portmanteau is a word formed by combining two words) – were photographed in front of the cameras. Lopez was dressed in a bright dress with heels, while Affleck dressed in chinos and a T-shirt.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez booty/butt grab
Bennifer action: Affleck grabbing Jennifer Lopez’s butt. Photo credit POPSUGAR.

According to media reports, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez was apparently on board a neighbouring boat when the incident occurred.

Rather than covering up his mischievous actions, the 48-year-old Batman actor was brazenly captured fondling Jennifer Lopez‘s behind with a blank smile on his face. A small number of supporters on social media joked about his expressionless look.

“If JLo’s booty wont make Ben Affleck happy, I don’t think anything will,” Derrick Pilot, better known by his online moniker SomeBlackGuy, a YouTube comedian, posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

Jennifer Lopez has often been praised for her amazing physique and is very proud of her firm but. Complex, the popular online pop-culture magazine put together a Jennifer Lopez has frequently been lauded for her incredible figure, and she is particularly pleased with her firm butt. Complex, a prominent online pop-culture magazine, put together a compilation video of “Jennifer Lopez’s finest booty and ass” moments, which you can see below!

“She got the boom, shake the room,” Pitbull, an American music artist, teamed with Jennifer Lopez (J Lo) in 2014 on a song simply titled “Booty,” which is, as the name suggests, all about her butt. But (no pun intended), anyway, moving on.

When it was revealed in May that Lopez and Affleck had renewed their romance, the news made headlines across the world. The allegations were supported by photographs of Affleck leaving Lopez’s house.

Bennifer back together.
Photo credit BackGrid.

Lopez and Affleck were one of the sexiest couples around in the early 2000s, thanks to the fact that Affleck was an Oscar-winning Hollywood actor and Lopez was one of the greatest pop singers on the globe at the time. These two were once referred to as by their couple name Bennifer.

Instead of attempting to keep their relationship a secret, Affleck made a notorious appearance on a boat in which he appeared to be getting close to the singer Jenny Slate in her music video “Jenny From the Block” in 2002, according to People magazine.

They just rekindled their romance, which began after J-Lo ended her relationship with former Major League Baseball player Alex Rodriguez earlier this year.

Despite first denying that they had terminated their romance in March, the two eventually admitted that it had ended with the words: “We’ve realised that we are better as friends.”

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