Beyoncé Makes Waves In Dubai


After a four-year hiatus, Beyoncé’s performance at the brand-new Atlantis The Royal Resort in Dubai on January 21 was a lovely, amazing comeback.

Beyoncé’s concert took place on the occasion of the Dubai Atlantis Resort’s grand opening and was part of a weekend of celebrations preparing for the venue’s grand opening in February. While the resort will not feature a casino, Arab gambling enthusiasts have great options online and generally prefer to visit sites like, which provide great articles, casino reviews, and tips for where to find the best odds when betting, either on sports or casino games.

The Show Summary

With tension in the venue hall being almost palpable, attendees erupted in cheers when Queen Bey was raised up on stage on a platform while wearing a dazzling golden dress with a feathered skirt and backpiece.

The night’s event opened with a dramatic flourish, including an ensemble cast. Beyoncé’s backup dancers and vocalists entered the stage in uniform attire, motionlessly standing in front of the Egyptian-themed background with hands folded. The first to take the stage were violinists decked in gilded headgear and billowing red skirts.

Beyoncé’s Extraordinary Return To The Stage in Dubai

Beyoncé shared the stage with the all-female Firdaus Orchestra, which included women from 24 different countries. Grammy and Academy Award winner A.R. Rahman serves as the orchestra’s conductor.

The legendary performer kicked off the event by singing “At Last” by Etta James into a gilded microphone as fireworks erupted over the arena. Then she told the crowd that her family, including her parents Tina and Matthew, her wonderful husband Jay-Z, and their kids Sir Carter, Rumi, and Blue Ivy, were there to cheer her on.

While Jay-Z sat enthralled in the audience, Beyoncé sang “Crazy in Love” alone, switching between a slowed-down version and the original. Then, her daughter, Blue Ivy, joined her on stage for a special performance.

The 11-year-old girl supported her mom like a true star, strutting up to the microphone in a red sequined costume with a full skirt and tossing her hair with style. Blue Ivy started dancing along with Beyoncé as she began playing “Brown Skin Girl,” and she did a fantastic job of mimicking the dancers on either side of her. She gave her mother a bear hug after the song finished, then went up the stairs, struck a stance, and blew kisses to the audience like a true star before leaving the platform.

Beyoncé Makes Waves In Dubai

Throughout the evening, Beyoncé changed into three distinct outfits. A crimson corseted jumpsuit with a skirt on top came second after the golden dress, and the performance ended with a transparent minidress with sparkling embellishments

The show’s overall mood changed with each new costume, although it was still driven by ballad songs like “Freedom,” “Spirit,” and “Be Alive.” But the Queen’s last two songs of the night, “Beautiful Liar” and “Naughty Girl,” added some extra heat to the performance.

The event ended with the headline performer singing “Naughty Girl” while her dancers swirled and twirled in a pool of water behind her. After that, Beyoncé finished the act by strutting out onto a raised board in the middle of a body of water. A stunning fireworks display followed the act of hoisting her into the air.

The Ensuing Criticism

Beyoncé, whose album “Renaissance” was nominated for a Grammy in 2022, chose not to play any tracks from the album, which has raised eyebrows among fans and critics alike.

Given the anti-LGBTQ legislation of the United Arab Emirates, Beyoncé’s decision to accept a $24 million paycheck for her performance has drawn criticism and is likely the reason why the gay-rights-heavy album was excluded from the playlist.

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Beyoncé Makes Waves In Dubai

According to Bev Jackson, co-founder of a British organization that advocates LGB rights, the Grammy-winning singer’s appearance in the region casts doubt on her support for lesbian and gay people. The LGB Alliance spokesperson further added that Beyoncé is a great idol for many LGBT people, and the organization is thus profoundly saddened because Beyoncé has consented to conduct a profitable show in Dubai, where same-sex sex activities are a criminal violation.

The Attendants and Attendance Requirements

The guest list featured celebrity names such as Kendall Jenner, Halle Bailey, Rebel Wilson, and Nia Long. In order to gain entrance, guests wore special access pins and the attire was, of course, black tie.

Beyoncé Makes Waves In Dubai

Everyone was subject to the “no phones” restriction. Guests were not authorized to film the performance, but they were free to do so at the after-party, which featured Swedish House Mafia and free Moet champagne.

Following that, guests were treated to a feast prepared by celebrity chefs such as Jose Andres, Nobu Matsuhisa, Jose Andres, and Mich Turner.

Final thoughts

Fans of Beyoncé are overjoyed to learn of Queen Bey’s return to the stage and are looking forward to more live events, perhaps in a less exclusive style, regardless of what certain voices may have said.

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