Brittany Venti calls Eliza Bleu “grifter and liar” in light of new evidence


Brittany Venti, who was banned from Twitter for sharing a screenshot from a Worldstar Hip Hop music video featuring Eliza Bleu, has fought back with a new Twitter thread, exposing the alleged lies of Bleu and the platform’s complicity in the matter.


In her thread, Venti calls out Eliza Bleu as a “grifter and liar” and emphasizes that the content she shared was not “nonconsensual” but rather a publicly available music video in which Bleu had willingly participated. Venti also points out that Twitter’s trust and safety representative, Ella Girwin, was aware of the situation and still chose to ignore the evidence.

Venti’s thread highlights the apparent bias and double standards in Twitter’s moderation system. She suggests that the platform’s refusal to unlock her account, despite her multiple appeals and the surfacing of recordings confirming Bleu’s consent, could be due to the fact that Bleu and Girwin are mutual followers on Twitter.

Brittany Venti
Brittany Venti exposes Eliza Bleu.

This revelation raises further questions about the impartiality of Twitter’s moderation practices and the extent to which personal connections may influence decisions on the platform.

Venti also addresses the exploitable nature of Twitter’s system, noting that anyone can be locked out of their account simply for posting public images that the subject deems unfavorable. She calls on Elon Musk, who has recently acquired a significant stake in Twitter, to fix this glaring issue.

The thread gained significant traction, with many supporters expressing their outrage at the ongoing censorship and demanding transparency and accountability from Twitter.

Eliza Bleu
Brittany Venti calls Eliza Bleu “grifter and liar” in light of new evidence

This latest development not only intensifies the controversy surrounding Eliza Bleu and her credibility but also exposes the glaring inconsistencies in Twitter’s moderation practices. In a time where social media plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion and discourse, the need for fair and unbiased moderation is more pressing than ever.

As this scandal unfolds, it is crucial to remember the real-world implications of these revelations. The credibility of human trafficking advocates is of the utmost importance, as it directly affects the cause they represent. If an advocate’s credibility is compromised, it may ultimately harm the very people they aim to help – the survivors of human trafficking.

Twitter Backs Human Trafficking Advocate Eliza Bleu Despite Evidence of Deception
Eliza Bleu lied about video being “nonconsensual”.

The ongoing Twitter censorship scandal involving Eliza Bleu, Brittany Venti, and The Quartering, serves as a stark reminder of the importance of unbiased moderation practices and the need for accountability on social media platforms. It also highlights the potential harm that can arise when personal connections influence decisions that have widespread consequences.

It is essential that social media platforms like Twitter prioritize transparency, impartiality, and fair practices in their moderation systems. Simultaneously, we must remain sensitive to the needs and experiences of human trafficking survivors, ensuring their privacy, respect, and dignity during their journey toward healing and advocacy.

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