UPDATE: ChatGPT hacked? All OpenAI services are down!


OpenAI is starting to rollout the ChatGPT Plus feature to many, but members are reporting issues just logging in.

It’s undeniable that ChatGPT is a valuable tool no matter what industry you work in. That’s why so many people are happy to pay USD$20 for the ChatGPT plus feature that is, supposedly, allows you unthrottled and almost unlimited access to the language-based Artificial Intelligent model at any time of day. Sadly, many people are unable to login to OpenAI while the service is throttled.

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Thousands of ChatGPT Plus members are getting errors while attempting to login while the free test service is currently at capacity.

ChatGPT Plus members should be able to access the tool via a special link while the servers are throttled or at capacity — however — once clicking and attempting to log in, people are greeted with an error message.

Most users might see a message that reads: “Oops! Login failed. Please try again or seek help at https://help.openai.com/”

Cyber crime, cyber attack, hacking, computer desktop
Cyber crime, cyber attack, hacking, computer desktop

Others have reported seeing a “server misconfiguration” or “script timeout” error which might suggest that OpenAI are currently experiencing technical issues and the service may be down for some time.

OpenAI did not mention that they had planned to take the service down for scheduled maintenance nor have they addressed the technical issue on their official Twitter page.

Did OpenAI/ChatGPT get hacked?

It’s not only ChatGPT that is down, it appears that major OpenAI servers likely containing the language model itself are down as well. Other paid services that use the GPT-3 API, such as Notion AI and Jasper have been affected by this outage.

It is possible that the OpenAI team are currently investigating whether their ChatGPT/GPT-3 servers have been breached considering they have not made an official announcement regarding the outage or even addressed it.

OpenAI/ChatGPT/GPT-3 hacked?

Yiğit Konur, founder at Wope, confirmed the outage, tweeting: “All @OpenAI services, including ChatGPT Plus and paid API endpoints, are down. All content creation tools, from Notion AI to Jasper, stopped working. It is time to find out which content creation tools are using which APIs. Centralization of this kind is strange for startups.”

UPDATE: All OpenAI services and APIs appear to be fully restored and working.

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