Christian singer gets harassed on TikTok by LGBTQ


Olivia Leach, Christian singer songwriter for Circuit Riders, was dehumanised andharassed by LGBTQ community for being “cis and straight.”

A cover of a Christian prayer song “I Thank God” went viral on TikTok earlier this week but not for the reason you’d expect. The LGBTQ community developed a crush on the singer, Olivia ‘Liv’ Leach, and proceeded to harass her and dehumanise her for your religion and orientation.

Olivia ‘Liv’ Leach is a songwriter and missionary based in Huntington Beach, California. She longs for the planet to be swept by a Jesus movement. Willing to travel anywhere and do everything for love’s sake.

She has dedicated the 20-something years of her life spreading joy, performing and earning money for charity. In 2020 she joined a group known as Circuit Riders.

The original Circuit Riders were a grassroots movement. They describe themselves as selfless, dedicated individuals who dedicated their life to reaching the lost, establishing discipleship communities, and transforming the culture by wholehearted obedience to Scripture. Their love for God spread a virus of simple adherence to Jesus’ teachings, resulting in what became known as the First Great Awakening.

On November 7th Circuit Riders uploaded a video to their TikTok of the group covering a Christian prayer song called “I Thank God” by Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM during their “No One Else + So Good” medley.

The clip featured a slightly changed version of the song, more specifically, the lyrics:

He picked me up
He turned me around
He placed my feet on solid ground

The TikTok video went viral, receiving many millions of views in the coming weeks. However, the reason the video went viral was not wholesome; the LGBTQ community were naughty to her, dehumanised and harassed the singer, Olivia Leach. The main reason why the LBGTQ community believed that she was a lesbian is simply because she’s dressed for comfort; oversized woollen button up shirt and beige cargo pants.

While the comments, stitches and duets started of as wholesome, things quickly changed when the LGBTQ caught wind of the TikTok and started lusting over the straight Christian singer. The comments insisted that Olvia Leach was a “closeted lesbian” that was “supressed and brainwashed by her religion.”

Olivia Leach Prayer Team.
Photo from Liv’s Prayer Team.

Other members of the LBGTQ community, including male-to-female transgender women, starting making stitches of the video on TikTok making explicit comments about her. Some even suggested that she should be “fixed” by undergoing some type of conversation therapy.

The comments and the stitches became so vile and overwhelming and even though they violated TikTok community guidelines, the platform refused to act so Circuit Riders ultimately had to disable the comments all together.

Liv and Asa.
Liv Leach with her husband Asa Stern.

Olivia Leach is a straight woman. She is also a devout Christian and has been in a loving relationship with her musician boyfriend, Asa Stern. During the full performance “No One Else + So Good” featuring Aisha Keys at the GREENHOUSE Prayer Room in Costa Mesa, CA, he can be seen standing directly behind her, with long dark blonde hair, wearing a black Circuit Riders hoodie and a truckers cap and playing guitar.

Some LGBTQ TikTok users discovered Olivia’s husband and decided to mock him, claiming that the only reason Olivia is with him is because he has long hair and appears feminine.

Liv has not talked about the ordeal and we have no plans on reaching out to her for comment as we’re sure that she’s above this and has moved on.

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