COMPLETE DISASTER: Retailers have “no sight” on more PS5/XSX stock


Aussie retailers JB Hi-Fi and EB Games have no idea when they’ll receive more PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X stock. Predict March 2021.

If you’re hoping on getting your hands on a next gen-console a la PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X this Christmas, at least in Australia, then you’re crap out of luck. Aussie retailers are left in the dark on new stock.

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Not a single unit of next-gen console stock made it to the shelves of Australian retailers this year. Every single console was purchased online in a disastrous pre-order event, and a vast majority of consoles were picked up by scalpers.

Both the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and the Xbox Series X (XSX) were completely sold out Australia-wide only hours after the launch and it is now impossible for the average gamer to get their hands on one unless they fork out AUD$2000 for a scalped unit.

Massive delays in shipment.

Sony aren’t really cracking down on scalpers and are seemingly in no hurry to get more units out before Christmas because their consoles are manufactured in China. Even still, shipment has been halted due to travel restrictions.

scalpers selling digital and disc ps5 online
Hundreds of scalped PlayStation 5 digital and physical disc units for sale.

Even Australian retailers are left in the dark. “We have no sight on stock,” a representative for Australia’s largest retailer told us.

When we asked whether a March 2021 date seemed plausible we were told that he would not give his personal opinion and that he would only be speculating.

Retailers left in the dark.

“We haven’t heard anything from Sony or Microsoft at this point,” he added.

JB Hi-Fi and EB Games have removed all PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X (XSX) advertisements from their stores and websites. Employees have been told not to answer any questions about the next-gen consoles, not even about the system specs.

All next-gen ads removed
All PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X ads removed from stores.

“We get hundreds of people in every day asking about them [PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X] and not only is it getting annoying but we’ve also been told to shrug any queries off and act like they haven’t been released,” an employee at an South Brisbane EB Games told us.

No PlayStation 5 stock JB Hi-Fi
Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 completely removed from online stores.

Although you can’t order a next-gen console game from any Australian retailer, there’s plenty of next-gen videogames and gaming peripherals (ie controllers) available for purchase.

Retailer shelves are literally overflowing with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games. Sadly, only a handful of Australians own next-gen consoles due to the massive scalping issue both consoles faced at launch.

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