#DeppMovieNight crushes The Stand premiere starring Amber Heard


Johnny Depp fans all across the world united in solidarity to show the veteran Hollywood actor support through what has been a very trying year.

NEWS: She’s a sociopath!” Amber Heard stole abuse story for personal benefit.

Fans opted to stream every single Johnny Depp movie instead of Amber Heard’s CBS All Access exclusive The Stand when it premiered on the streaming service last week.

Amber Heard stars as Nadine Cross in the CBS All Access limited series The Stand based on Stephen King’s novel about a dark mysterious plague. The show was already slammed for its tasteless release and mainstream critics are not too impressed with the shower either.

Amber Heard as Nadine Cross
Amber Heard as Nadine Cross in CBS All Access The Stand.

The pilot episode failed to leave a lasting impression on critics scoring a low 50% on Metacritic. Users scored the episode even lower with a 33%.

The Stand also lost a good chunk of viewership for starring self-confessed abuser Amber Heard. Amber Heard is currently locked-in a legal battle with her ex-husband. Johnny Depp is suing the 33-year-old Aquaman actress for defamation.

#DeppMovieNight #Deppcember
Johnny Depp fans celebrate #DeppMovieNight on premiere of Amber Heard’s new show.

Thousands and thousands of Johnny Depp fans all around the world boycotted Amber Heard’s new show and instead started to binge stream every single one of his movies available on the platform.

“Get ready for the #DeppMovieNight celebration on the 17th of #Deppcember. 24 hours of streaming your favourite Johnny Depp movies with your friends and families to show that #WeStandWithJohnnyDepp,” an eager posted tweeted.

Amber Heard is not the only one who has their very own limited series. Jonny Depp is working with his lifelong bestie Tim Burton on a live-action The Addams Family Netflix reboot. Sources close to production claim that the only condition Tim Burton had for direction The Addams Family reboot was that Johnny Depp would star as Gomez Addams.

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