Tim Burton will only make Addams Family reboot with Johnny Depp


There’s a Addams Family reboot on the horizon and it is being helmed by Tim Burton, who was allegedly inspired by Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp as Gomez in the upcoming Addams Family reboot just seems perfect, and — according to our sources — Tim Burton thinks so too. The word on the street is that Burton and Depp and always wanted to make this together.

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It has been confirmed. There is a reboot of the classic Addams Family television series coming our way, and it is to be written and directed by the visionary director, Tim Burton, known for his macabre masterpiece filmmaking.

Another thing Tim Burton is known for is starring Johnny Depp in nearly all of his movies: Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Alice and Wonderland and many more. And it isn’t just a coincidence.

Eva Green and Johnny Depp Addams Family
The Addams Family reboot gets fast tracked after Depp drops out of Fantastic Beasts.

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are more than just business associates, they are best friends and they’ve always vowed to have each other’s backs.

They go out on double dates, and get cosy by the fire while enjoying a stiff drink and brainstorming film ideas together… and one of these ideas, reportedly, was the Addams Family reboot.

Burton was going to make The Addams Family in 1991.

As a matter of fact, Tim Burton was set to direct The Addams Family movie in 1991 but couldn’t because he had previously committed to directing the follow-up to Michael Keaton’s superhero flick Batman Returns.

Burton revealed that he would have cast Johnny Depp as Gomez Addams if he directed the film, telling his friend that it was the perfect role for him.

Well, Johnny Depp was spotted having a cosy dinner night with Tim Burton and his new girlfriend Berenice Percival in London earlier this year.

No Depp, no Addams.

The upcoming reboot was reportedly discussed during Johnny Depp’s and Tim Burton’s late night dinner in London in January. A source close to production claims that Tim Burton’s only demand to remake The Addams Family was that the studio would agree to cast Johnny Depp as Gomez Addams.

Dinner date
Best friends Tim Burton and Johnny Depp go out for dinner in London.
Depp and Burton best friends
Best friends Johnny Depp and Tim Burton reportedly discussed The Addams Family in January.

Depp had agreed to star as Gomez Addams in the reboot, but production was halted due to his legal battles and filming schedules.

However, Johnny Depp was recently forced to step down from his role in Fantastic Beasts 3 as Gellert Grindelwald, which has now freed up a lot of time for the 57-year-old actor.

Warner Bros connected to Murdoch family.

Although Warner Brothers claimed they forced Depp to resign was to defend victims of domestic abuse, it was actually due to WarnerMedia’s very close ties with the Murdoch family, the owners of tabloid that Depp sued.

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Eva Green is rumoured to be top pick to play alongside Johnny Depp as his morbidly seductive wife Morticia Addams. Green has starred in several Burton films including Dark Shadows where she co-starred with Johnny Depp.

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