Johnny Deep welcomed by thousands of cheering fans at KVIFF 2021


Johnny Depp met by thousands of cheering fans as he touches down in the Czech Republic ahead of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

The Pirates of The Caribbean actor has landed in Czech Republic to show his biopic about the American photographer, W. Eugene Smith, Minimata, at KVIFF 2021. Fans, both at Karlovy Vary and around the world, unite to show the celebrated Hollywood actor the love and support he deserves.


Directed by Andrew Levitas, Minimata is a film starring Johnny Depp as W Eugene Smith; an American photography who is renowned for his photographic essays published in Life Magazine.

The movie also stars Japanese model Minami, who plays Aileen, a passionate Japanese translator, encourages Smith to travel to Minamata and take photos of the illness there. Smith has finally made the decision to focus on bringing to light the horrendous impacts of corporate greed, which is working with the local police and government.

To show the impact of mercury poisoning and Minamata sickness on Japanese coastlines, he travels to Minamata in Japan. The illness is directly related to the chemical plant Chisso, which created pollution due to its business operations.

With just his Minolta camera and a hard fight ahead, Smith will have to fight against a big company and must first build the community’s trust to have any chance of telling this tale to the world. Smith falls subject to serious retribution while he is there. It is thus essential that he is brought back to the United States at once. But this report will transform him into a photographic icon.

Johnny Depp KVIFF 2021

The film has been received glowing reviews from critics and fans alike, however, a few of Depp’s ex journalistic buddies have opted to give the film less than stellar scores because of their biases. However, that hasn’t stopped fans for enjoying the film and celebrating Depp’s success as both producer and actor in his powerful new film, Minimata.

Thousands and thousands of fans stood out in the cold rain waiting for a chance to catch a glimpse of their favourite star when Johnny Depp arrived for KVIFF 2021. Despite the less than perfect conditions, every body was in a good mood and the vibe was amazing. Johnny Depp even took time out of his busy schedule to greet his fans face-to-face.

Independent photography and YouTuber UnBoxPHD captured an amazing image of a cheery faced Depp as he exited Karlovy Vary airport to see thousands upon thousands of excited fans.

UnBoxPHD Johnny Depp

Those who were unable to make it to the event celebrated Depp’s arrival to the Film Festival with heartwarming Twitter messages.

Minimata premiered in Australia on June 3 select cinemas. You can’t view ‘Minamata’ for free as it is not available on any free trial sites. Going to the theatre is your best option for catching the film if you need to see it right away.

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