Jonah Hill Cancelled by Ex for Having Standards and Boundaries


Jonah Hill called “psychologically abusive” and a “controlling misogynist” by ex-girlfriend for having standards and setting boundaries.

In a world that’s quick to judge, celebrity news can often ignite the internet with controversy. Recently, actor Jonah Hill found himself at the centre of such a storm. His former girlfriend, Sarah Brady, has labelled him “psychologically abusive” and a “misogynist”, sparking a debate over the nature of their relationship and the boundaries that were set within it.

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It seems as if Sarah Brady, a surf instructor, has taken to Instagram to air her grievances, accusing Hill of being controlling and manipulative during their relationship back in 2021. Her main evidence? A series of old texts that, she claims, show Hill expressing concern over her social media habits, particularly her posting photos of herself.

As the accusations hit the social sphere, they have divided opinion. On one hand, there are supporters of Brady arguing that she should have the freedom to express herself as she chooses. On the other hand, many are coming to Hill’s defence, stating that he was merely setting boundaries in their relationship. These supporters point out that having such standards is a normal part of any mature relationship.

Sarah Brady, Hill's ex-girlfriend
Jonah Hill Cancelled by Ex for Having Standards and Boundaries (Image via Instagram)

Hill, who recently turned 39 and is now in a relationship with Olivia Millar, with whom he shares a child, is described by Brady as struggling with the ‘party girl’ lifestyle she leads. However, leaked messages suggest he wasn’t trying to restrict her behaviour, but rather communicating his discomfort with certain aspects of it.

Indeed, it’s essential to remember that standards and boundaries exist on both sides of the gender divide. For instance, women are often applauded for setting standards, such as not dating men who party excessively or spend too much time with their friends at the expense of the relationship. Shouldn’t the same respect be given to men who express their discomfort with certain aspects of their partner’s lifestyle?

Jonah in a movie
Jonah Hill Cancelled by Ex for Having Standards and Boundaries

Interestingly, the accusations thrown at Hill reveal a surprising double standard. While women’s choices to set relationship boundaries are generally respected, when a man does the same, the narrative often flips, labelling him controlling or abusive.

Hill’s case serves as a reminder that everyone, irrespective of their gender, should have the right to voice their concerns and set boundaries in a relationship. The texts that Brady shared appear to show Hill expressing his discomfort with her lifestyle, but crucially, they do not suggest he tried to force her to change.

Twitter Defends Hill.

The public’s response to this issue online, or at least on Twitter, has been largely divided, though a significant number of people have come out in support of Jonah Hill. They argue that he was simply expressing his own boundaries within the relationship. Twitter user @Huff4Congress wrote, “If you think this text makes Jonah Hill look like a villain, I got news for you about yourself.”

Others have stressed the importance of setting boundaries in any relationship. One such user, @Liberty_Briefs, stated, “There’s nothing weird about setting boundaries with your partner…” A sentiment echoed by @Autumn__Fox, who said, “This is how respectful men who treat women well set boundaries for themselves. Boundaries are an important part of a relationship that both parties get to share with each other and are to respect.”

Jonah Hill leaked DM
Jonah Hill Cancelled by Ex, Sarah Brady, for Having Standards and Boundaries

There are also those who are questioning the validity of the abuse claims, like @Frankkoja93 who wrote, “So he told her he does not want to be with her due to her lifestyle and he literally told her he does not want to change her lifestyle if that makes her happy, but that’s emotional abuse?”

While the public may be quick to form opinions based on a smattering of text messages and social media posts, it’s essential to remember that relationships are complex, private matters. Accusing someone of abuse is a serious matter, and it’s a term that should not be thrown around lightly.

It seems Hill was not trying to curtail Brady’s freedom but was rather expressing his need for a lifestyle more compatible with his own. If we can accept and applaud women for setting their standards and establishing their boundaries, it’s only fair that men receive the same consideration. As the discourse continues, one can only hope that all parties involved find peace and understanding.

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