Kim Mikka Twitch streamer accused of having s*x during live again


21-year-old Peruvian streamer Kim Mikka fires back after being accused of having s*x on Twitch again after receiving 7 day ban for first offense.

Kim Mikka, formerly known as Kimmikka, returned to Twitch following a one-week ban for having sexual relations with a friend while streaming live. People accuse her of doing it again after a fresh, even more explicit video surfaced online; however, Mikka denies the allegations.

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Hasan Abi Piker, a political commentator and socialist Twitch broadcaster, was accused of minimising a SA charge in order to protect a close friend. Hasan issued a weak apology during his broadcast, stating that he was unaware of the entire context of the SA allegations, before changing the subject to Kim Mikka, the streamer who earned a one-week suspension for engaging in sexual activity on the site.

Mikka from Twitch livestream earlier today.
Mikka from Twitch livestream earlier today.

“She did it again! After receiving a one week ban for this before, she has been banned again for having s*x on stream,” Hasan told his audience.

He continued: “While I respect the art and admire her grind I don’t think Twitch is the right place for her. I don’t think they’ll lift her ban this time.”

The rumour began on Hasan’s discord server, where old clips of Kim Mikka having consensual s*x with her buddy while being recorded were posted. The troll also provided a link to Kim Mikka’s now-banned previous Twitch channel (Kimmikka_) to add credibility to his claim.

Kim_Mikka_ via Twitter.
Kim_Mikka_ via Twitter (formerly Kimmikka).

Thousands of Hasan’s fans flocked to Mikka’s Twitch channel to harass her. While some verbally abused her by calling her and “ugly wh*re” and a “sl*t” others mass reported her channel for ban evasion.

Kim Mikka attempted to explain the situation the best she could and denied the allegations.

“The first clip was from when I got banned off Twitch but the second clip is very old and is not from Twitch. I have not done this again,” Mikka said.

The Peruvian Twitch streamer claimed that she struggles with English but was able to convey that she regrets her past behaviour and that she was intoxicated and did not believe that many people were watching that controversial livestream.


Kim Mikka is currently a Twitch affiliate with over 8K followers. She is currently live with 600 viewers.

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