Wren Eleanor: Mother of 3-Year-Old TikTok star slammed


The mother of the 3-year-old blonde-haired, blue-eyed TikTok sensation Wren Eleanor is accused of exploiting daughter for financial gain and notoriety.

Jacquelyn started a TikTok account to share the daily activities, quirks, and habits of her gorgeous 3-year-old daughter Wren Eleanor. Since then, the account has garnered millions of followers and is now mired in controversy and rumours that she is exploiting her daughter for TikTok money.

After amassing millions upon millions of followers on TikTok, numerous internet sleuths began to investigate a mother and daughter account that appeared to be pretty innocent. Initially, the  armchair detectives assumed that the mother was exploiting her 3-year-old daughter by posting sexualised content for financial gain on the platform.

Unmoderated comments posted on videos by perverse and predatory individuals, which sexualized the otherwise innocent recordings of a 3-year-old child, initially spawned these absurd rumours.

Wren eating ice cream
Image credit: Instagram TikTokWren

Additionally, Wren Eleanor’s mother, Jacquelyn, was criticised for allowing the videos of her child to be saved and downloaded by anyone with a TikTok account.

Concerned parties feared that these videos could be obtained by perverts and exploited for malicious and predatory purposes, particularly after it was discovered that many of the accounts that downloaded the videos also shared videos of other kids.

Kyeluh, a popular YouTuber who recently had a baby, accused Wren Eleanor’s mother of potentially traumatising and ruining the girl’s life if she ever discovered that her mother was distributing these recordings of her despite being aware of the circumstances.

Eleanor 10 million TikTok followers
Image credit: Instagram TikTokWren

“I can’t personally understand the mindset of continuing to post your child on social media when you have been told that there are people using your kid’s pictures and videos for inappropriate things,” Kyeluh said in her video addressing the Wren Eleanor controversy uploaded on Tuesday, September 13th.

She goes on to explain she believes the reason why Jacquelyn continues to post pictures and videos of her daughter, Wren Eleanor.

“It’s because of money,” Kyeluh stated. “It’s because of the fact that they get to live their lifestyle for the money that they’re getting.”

“I think that maybe she is perhaps justifying continuing to post her daughter because maybe she’s seen the lifestyle the lifestyle they are able to live because of it. She is able to give her daughter probably the best of the best because of the money that she makes from posting these TikToks, but some might call it child labor just like some people call child acting child labor because your child is working for money money that you’re getting to live your lifestyle off of but they aren’t even aware that that’s happening or what their face is being used for. One day they will be aware of it.”

“We don’t know the effects that these [videos] are going to have on our children in their adult life. We don’t know how technology could use these children’s images. We don’t know what the internet is capable of.”

Kyeluh, YouTube star, calls out Wren’s mother.

Kyeluh underlines that she is extremely concerned that Jacquelyn’s actions may force Wren Eleanor to experience severe mental health issues in the future, and may possibly harm their relationship.

“If TikTok existed when I was a child and when I got older I learned that my mother was posting me when I was a little kid and [she] was aware that some of these videos are being used for some of the things that Wren’s are, and kids all over the internet, I’d have some serious questions for my mum; like why did you keep putting me on the internet if you knew this.”

Wren Eleanor’s mother deleted some of the more controversial videos off her TikTok account and made an emotional response about the allegations.

“I am always with her, sometimes on screen, or off, and holding the camera as she laughs and giggles opening boxes, trying new foods, or playing outside. Online safety precautions I’ve taken include turning off the ability to download or Duet our videos. My TikTok analytics show that my account followers are 76.8 percent female – that’s more than 13 million females, including lots of moms and I am grateful for their interest and support.

“In addition to preserving precious memories, this account has allowed me to raise and provide for my daughter as a stay-at-home mom, along with being able to set aside money for Wren and her future. What also motivates me to keep posting our family videos are the positive comments from the community who say that Wren’s personality brings joy to their day and reminds them of their kids who are now all grown up.

Wren (daughter) and Jacquelyn (mother)
Image credit: Instagram TikTokWren

“I do understand that there are individuals out there with twisted minds, and online predators that prey on children. Never ever did I think that a child eating her first corndog at the county fair would be interpreted as ‘sexualized behavior’.

“As false rumors bubbled up in May, a concerned family member reached out to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In June I contacted the FBI to discuss these false claims. The FBI then informed me that that no images of my daughter have been found on any inappropriate sites.

“What baffles me is that these rumor-spreaders are online expressing such concern for my daughter yet not one person has presented real, tangible proof that these allegations are true. Creating videos talking about scurrilous rumors that my three year old daughter appears on porn sites isn’t proof.

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