Logan Paul is Likely Using Steroids, People Think


Both professional and fans alike are fully convinced that Prime founder and CEO is a ‘juice head’ and is using steroids.

The theatrical buildup to the boxing clash between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis continues to grab headlines as allegations of steroid use by Paul continue to swirl. The accusations have been spearheaded by Dillon Danis, who has publicly taunted Paul about alleged drug use. In a recent post on X, Danis pointedly remarked, “Still haven’t been drug tested,” amplifying suspicions among some spectators.

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Adding fuel to the fire, social media influencer Bryce Hall confronted Logan Paul about the alleged steroid use during a press conference on October 13, bringing the issue into sharper focus. The drama escalated with purported leaked emails instructing Logan Paul on steroid usage, though the veracity of these emails remains unconfirmed.

Further stirring the pot, The Fight Zone has allegedly claimed that samples of Paul’s blood, taken after the post-presser brawl, tested positive for steroid use. However, this assertion has yet to be corroborated.

Paul vs Danis cancelled
Logan Paul is Likely Using Steroids, People Think

Logan Paul’s physique has been a topic of discussion and speculation among many, with particular attention drawn to a training camp photo released by Paul, showcasing a notably jacked frame, which some believe to be indicative of steroid use​. Others have pointed out that Paul appeared larger in size compared to athletes like Israel Adesanya and Craig Jones, who compete in similar weight divisions​.

Danis has been relentless in his accusations, describing Paul as a ‘juice head’ in response to a topless photo shared by Paul, and has repeatedly called for drug testing to be conducted ahead of their bout​​. The ongoing back-and-forth has fueled a narrative that Logan Paul is using steroids, a narrative further pushed by confrontations from figures like Bryce Hall during press conferences​​.

Logan Paul on steroids
Logan Paul is Likely Using Steroids, People Think

The scrutiny surrounding Logan Paul’s alleged steroid use intensifies as the boxing match with Dillon Danis looms closer. VADA drug testing is expected to ascertain the truth of these allegations, and the results could significantly impact the narrative surrounding this high-profile matchup​. Logan Paul, on his end, has denied the allegations of steroid use, and demanded drug testing for both himself and Danis, in a bid to clear his name ahead of the much-anticipated fight​​.

The allegations, confrontations, and the purported evidence of steroid use have added a layer of intrigue and tension to an already highly charged matchup. The Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis fight is emblematic of a modern era of combat sports where personal vendettas and accusations often overshadow the sporting spectacle, ensuring that the drama unfolds both inside and outside the ring.

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